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ICT used by an Employed Adult.

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ICT used by an Employed Adult 3B Introduction: I have decided to choose an Adult who is an Orthodontic specialist. The Adult I have chosen is named Dr Sadiq. He uses a lot of ICT in his Daily life which is very helpful to him as it enable him to carry on with work quickly and without facing a lot of problems. He owns an orthodontic practice which includes a lot of ICT products such as: * Computers * X-ray machine * Autoclave * Fax Machine * Word-pad * Dental chair (includes a lot of machines such as micro motor, high speed turbine etc.) * Compstosite polymerization * X-ray developer * Do IT ( special orthodontic software) Explanation of all the ICT he uses as mentioned above Output, Processing and Storage devices: Computers: He uses a lot of computers at work. The computers at his work placement are used to mark people in as well as mark people out. They are also used to send details to the NHS about any facts or any information which is needed for any treatment. They also use Computers to type letters which need to be send to patients. Computers are also used to check at what time which people is coming or change timings. To do all of this work they use a special orthodontics software named DO IT which provides them with all the templates as well as information or timings regarding the treatment. ...read more.


DO IT does meet the organisations needs but could be improved in its accessibility and form as this system is not very easy to use and has a very high price. Input devices: X-ray machine: X-ray machines are used for several reasons as they enable you to look inside your body without doing any operation. These machines are mostly used by doctors for cases which can not be solved without any x-ray. X-rays enable doctors to see what is going with the patients teeth and how the can fix that problem. The x-ray machine can be seen as an input device and a processing device. The reason for this is as it first takes the x-ray bi giving out lasers and then processes it into a picture. But it can not be classified as an output device as it does not print the picture or show it, but send it to the x-ray developer. Evaluation: In the orthodontic case Dr Sadiq uses X-ray machines to look at the skull of patients and find out if there are any teeth coming or what so ever. This helps him to carry on his work quickly as he is able to patients how the treatment is going to be done or if when they could start the treatment. The x-ray machine does meet Orchard Orthodontics requirements as it does fulfil its main point which is to take an x-ray so currently Orchard Orthodontics do not see a room for improvement. ...read more.


This helps him to do his work better as he knows at what position and exactly where to place the brace as well as it enables him to stop any problem before it creates. This can be seen as an output device as I mentioned earlier the x-ray machine sends the picture to be printed so the x-ray developer in some sense just works liken an printer and prints out the image send by the x-ray machine. Finally the x-ray developer does not meet the need fully as it requires too many chemicals and also takes a lot of space as well as it is not as fast as a printer. Conclusion Finally I believe that all the technologies used by DR Sadiq are very helpful and enable him to carry on with his work as fast as he can. Of course I believe that there are more machines and software's going to be developed which will help him to carry on with his work even faster and more effectively but up to know I don't know of any problem he is facing. I have not faced a lot of problems during this coursework but all the details and the pictures are taken by me and all the details of the machines have also been taken by me by talking to doctor Sadiq. I am really thankful to him as he has helped me out so that I was able to do my coursework originally. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zeshan Amir Coursework 3B ...read more.

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