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ICT - User Guide

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USER GUIDE This is a user guide to help and train the staff at Mellor Village Health Centre who don't have ICT skills. With it they will be able to understand and carry out basic computer tasks. (1.)HOW TO SAVE A FILE The first step into saving a file is click on FILE a drop-down menu will appear then click on SAVE-AS . Give your file a name. Click SAVE this will automatically save your document. VERIFICATION CHECK A verification check makes sure that data has been entered or copied from another medium, has been transferred correctly. HOW TO PRINT A FILE Click on FILE then PRINT and this box will appear. Click on the name of your printer then OK. Your file will print now. ...read more.


Then you can insert data in each field.To delete text click EDIT, UNDO. This is what the database would look like: HOW TO INSERT/DELETE TABLES OR ROWS AND MAKING AMENDMENTS. To insert a record or table click INSET and NEW RECORD. To delete a record or table HIGHLIGHT the record and right-click it. Then click DELETE RECORD on the drop-down menu. Amendments such as a patient moving house can be made using this method. (3.)SOLVE PROBLEMS OR ERRORS IF THEY OCCUR Go on HELP on the tool-bar and a dropdown menu will come which will help you once clicked on. Or you can click F1 and ask any question you want. ...read more.


The E-mail address is written down like the follows: YourName@ Domain.Com The first part, "YourName" can be any name that you have chosen with your ISP. How to drag and drop:- Use the "Drag and Drop" method, move your mouse arrow over the file that you would like to move. Left click it one time and hold the click in its depressed position. Move "drag" your mouse to the location where you would like to place the file and let go of the click there after "dropping" the file. (4.)HOW TO CREATE QUERIES (database) Go on QUERIES in the database table and select the CREATE QUERY BY USING WIZARD . Follow the steps e.g. : Click Finish and click the first icon the toolbar (DATASHEET VIEW) . This is what the outcome will be: This is how to create a query. ...read more.

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