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ICT web design research.

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Information Communication Technology Contents Background 1 Exploring the Internet 2 Finding Web Sites 4 Selecting Web Sites 8 Collecting Information 15 Background UTours�uro want to create a website that will increased sales but at the same time reduce brochure costs because people will visit the website so less people will pick up a brochure. This will then reduce brochure costs as fewer brochures would have to be produced to attract potential customers. This will reduce telephone costs because less -people will need to take phone calls. UTours�uro need to get more people to visit their website. This will be difficult because search engines rank sites by number of hits because UTours�uro is a new site there will not have been that many visitors so it will be ranked low. UTours�uro need to get visitors by recommendation, to do this they must advertise there site in their brochure and by word of mouth . Therefore because it is a new site it will take a decently long time to get in the rankings. As the website is not going to be a fully functional booking system to begin with, it needs to advertise the main business, tours to Euro Disney. It should also include information on availability on certain tours, a way to contact them, information on special events such as concerts, special offers, and other relevant pages such as about us or containing information on all the tours they do. Exploring the Internet Exploring the internet is usually called browsing. This is because your not looking for something you just browse. Its the same as going window shopping. When you go window shopping you need to decide where your going and how you are going to get there. When browsing the internet you need to do the same. This is the internet connection involving a modem and router. Like when window shopping you look at the shops through a window , on the internet you browse through a window as well, windows depend on the browser. ...read more.


It is crucial to choose the correct font , nothing too difficult to read and it must be the correct size. Too small and it is difficult to read, too large and it will be too big to fit on the screen. The site should be correctly designed to encourage the user to stay and investigate further. The background is equally important and can also affect whether the user stays on the site or not. If it is boring it will seem useless and unprofessional. The user will be attracted further to the site, if the background is designed carefully and is not too bright and garish. It is extremely important to consider the layout of the site. A website is with the text in the middle, links to other pages on the left and adverts on the right is the most popular and probably most successful layout. Many websites use this layout anything too different or not very good then the user is unlikely to continue browsing. The speed of loading is probably the an important factor. Users will leave the site if it takes too long to load, so the speed of loading is probably the most important factor. An example of a well laid out page, is attractive, has a good layout and has the most appropriate font. It is very important to ensure the content of a web page is laid out correctly. If there is too little information or too much it is likely that the user will search for another site. If the page contains too much information, the user may have the impression that the site is too complicated and may take up too much time to use. If the web page contains too little information the user may believe it looks unprofessional. The user may also feel it gives the impression of the company being too small for their needs. ...read more.


There could also be a picture of one of the coaches, to make the site seem more professional. On the concerts page there should be information updated regularly about concerts coming up soon. There should also be information on recent successful trips to concerts, showing the popularity of such trips. This area of the site is likely only to be viewed by adults, and should therefore have a style to suit. This means not flashy and full of cartoons. The site should maintain its professional feel throughout. This area should also contain pictures taken from concerts. Again these should be updated regularly. The Disneyland Resort Paris page will probably have an audience of young children and teenagers, and should have a style to suit. This still should not include cartoons or scrolling marquees. It should encourage children to want to go, and on leaving the site use pester power to persuade their parents that they should go on UTours�uro coaches. It is therefore paramount that the site is easy to navigate as it needs to be suitable for a child to use. The last page is the contacts page. This should contain all ways of contacting the company, including a link to email, address of booking office, telephone number etc. It should also be possible to book via this page. This means there should be a link to a booking form that automatically sends when completed. This site does not have to be so professional looking, but should maintain the style used throughout the site. The whole site should be designed to adapt to text only browsers so that those with visual impairments will still be able to view the site. There should also be word and PDF versions of each page so that they can be kept and/or referred back to. The design should also include a text only version of all pages. Also taking into account those users who have software enabling them to have the computer read the page out to them when they hover the mouse over it, we must not design and make the page using tables. ...read more.

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