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ICT Word coursework am producing a system to send out letters, asking customers to confirm what they have ordered

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MICROSOFT WORD PROCESSING COURSEWORK WRITEUP Identify Statement of the problem: I am producing a system to send out letters, asking customers to confirm what they have ordered from the company shop, for a new company called Clown Town. Clown Town is a new business made by Mrs Carol Smiley, she knows how to make a business work but unfortunately she knows nothing about ICT, and the business has now become too demanding for her to handwrite all the confirmation letters. Alternate Solutions: Possible Solutions for Mrs. Smiley's problem would include: 1. Creating a single letter, which can be printed out multiple times with an empty space for the product, reference number, name of the customer, and address. 2. Creating a mail merge document that would be updated just by updating the database of customers as they buy something. Objectives: The end user should be able to send letters to all customers through only 1 document. The products brought by each customer should be displayed in letter without being word processed in the word processor. There should automatically be a passage in each letter informing customers who will not receive their products in time that they are to be discounted. The recipients of the letters should be able to be changed by just adjusting the data source's content. ...read more.


And red will go into the product colour category. I will check for errors primarily by using Microsoft words spell check function, as well as reading through it manually for any grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes that were not noticed. I will use an excel file in order to create a data source which will be used to fill in any fields included within the letter for instance <product type>. This will take the necessary information from the excel file and import it into the word file. Flow of Data: 1. Firstly I shall create a database using Microsoft Excel in which customer details such as Title, Name, Initial, Surname, Colour, Design of product, Reference number, Arrival day, arrival month, arrival year, address 1st line, address second line, and postcode. 2. I shall then create a letter as requested by the end user using mail merge to combine information in the data source into certain places in a personalised letter. Asking the customer to confirm their order from the business with all the personalised details that have been recorded within the data source. This means the letter would be able to greet the user by name, and ask them to confirm the exact product they ordered. 3. I would then be able to use the advanced feature of mail merge, if...then...else... ...read more.


Emails cost nothing to send and are received quicker. They are also digital meaning later on systems could be installed to make the system even faster and automatic. However as my end user is not very computer competent, I have opted for letters, as not all customers who shop at clown town necessarily own a computer or have an email address. Backup and Security Strategy's: The end user would need to back up the work in case she had a hard drive failure or any other kind of error that would result in the loss on the file I created for her. The data would only need to be backed up once for the letter, as it would not change, however the database of addresses would need backing up as often as possible. I would recommend that this be done every time a new data was added. If possible I will create a macro, which will do this with 1 click of a button for my end user. I would recommend that the data be backed up onto a data key. This is as it is the most accessible storage medium, and is quickly out dating other storage mediums. Amongst other advantages, it holds the data more securely, as there is far less opportunity for scratching and therefore loss of data through use. The data source will need to be password protected to protect the customer's information. I would recommend that the password be updated once a month at least. ...read more.

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