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Identify section for GCSE IT Spreadsheet Project

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IDENTIFY SECTION 1. Existing System The existing system being used is just pen and paper- they use a tally chart and take a whole day to work out the winner of the sports day 2. Problem Statements The PE department in Ham currently do not run a sports day. The other school in the borough have their own sports day and are more successful at the Borough Athletics. The PE department at Grey Court would like to run a sports day as they feel it would help the school do better when competing with the other schools. In previous years the PE department have run a sports day and found the following difficult: * Certificates have to be printed before hand and the names have to be hand written by the staff. ...read more.


The only problem is they would need a computer near by with access to the main server. 2. They could hire some extra staff to work out the sums. This would save time for the staff. There are a number of problems with this, you would have to pay them and certificates would still have to be printed. 3. They could carry on with there current system. Nothing would be changed and there current problems would stay. 5. Justification of the Solution I have decided that 1 is the best solution to use as it would be less costly and could be used in the long run. The software I am going to use is Microsoft Excel(tm) ...read more.


6. User Requirements 1. The teachers complained the certificates had to have the names be handwritten on the day. I will have the certificate templates ready on the computer, and when the winner is revealed, they can have their names been typed on straight away and be printed on a colour printer. 2. They wanted a way to retrieve all the tutor group scores quickly. I have decided that I am going to use tables in Microsoft Excel(tm) which will have the total scores at the bottom. In Microsoft Excel(tm) the total scores will change as points change. 3. The school wants the students to be able to visually see there scores, not to be read out. They can either use a projector with a printed table of the scores, or a smart board, pending on the budget. ...read more.

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