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Identify stage of Database Coursework Model Agency records

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Amit Singh Bhopal 10B STRiDE models Database Identify Background Details Jenny has recently opened a Modelling Agency. Since there are no other businesses like hers nearby, commerce is booming. Firstly, the modelling agency advertises in the yellow pages. The potential models then ring up and arrange an interview. The interview is arranged and completed and then the model pays a fee for a photo shoot ( �200) the modelling agency then records all of the models details (name, age, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, nationality and address manually using paper and pen to create a seperate record for each model) and then the model's file is stored in a filing cabinet. The model's details are stored in the cabinet until a client requests a model that matches with a specific set of attributes. The secretary then searches for the models that have the right attributes and makes a list. When the list has been created, the secretary phones up the client with the various models and an agreement is reached over the model(s) that are most appropriate for the shoot. These model(s) are then sent a letter to them by post with details of the location time and date stated. The letter is made using an electric typewriter. If the client decides on a particular model, they are notified of the booking. ...read more.


Jenny provided the model with a list of the bookings in the coming weeks. She also needs to write to models that haven't had a booking in the last 3 months to see if they wish to remain in her agency. Therefore, the modelling agency is a sluggish organisation that can vastly improve earnings if organised better with a better system. Manual Alternative solution To improve the current system the data relating to models, clients and bookings needs to be organised and stored in a more efficient manner allowing quicker searching facilities to identify individual records that match a specific criteria. Jenny needs to be able to find specific model details quickly or models that match a clients requirements. A manual alternative would be to have cards with colour coded stickers grouping together model attributes. This would massively reduce the amount of time it takes to sort through the files. The stickers, for models, would include something like a brown sticker for hair and a blue sticker to show that the model is between 5' 9" and 6'. For clients, it would be that the better if they are stored in alphabetical order. Bookings can be recorded in an appointment book with the client name, model name, data and time entered clearly. Overall, using an I.T solution is quicker, easier and more secure than the paper and pen method. ...read more.


The reports function will be useful to present the clients list of models used in the past. Macros can be used to make sure that things get saved automatically. The simple calculations would normally include things such as simple percentages. However, this would be irrelevant to my project. And finally, the queries would be useful to the user as it could provide an easy way to pin-point the model. Quantitative objectives 1. The user needs to be able to produce a list of specific models for a client (e.g. a blonde who is over 5' 3" for a small newspaper article) 2. Upon the above, the user needs to be able to create a mail merge to send the specific models notices and confirmation slips of where and when the model should be. The address fields also need to be merged to print off the address labels. 3. Needs to allow the user to add or edit a model's file 4. Needs to allow the user to add or edit a client's file 5. The system needs to be able to store at least 15 models records 6. The system needs to be able to store at least 10 clients records 7. It must not take longer than 1 minute to display a list of models with specific attributes and identify a particular model. 8. Print a report listing all current clients in alphabetical order must show contact name and number ...read more.

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