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Identify Terence Findlay.

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Identify Terence Findlay Problem Pantry Pride Pizza Delivery is the best pizza delivery and restaurant in the East Sussex area, which is run by Mr. David. Mr. David has a problem with his staff and the orders. Because the restaurant is the best in the area it is very busy, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings and there are no computers and the staff take the orders and addresses to deliver to down with a pen and a piece of paper, so sometimes the orders got mixed up or the wrong orders were written out or sent to the wrong house and when it came to calculating the prices the staff found it very hard to work out total prices and take off the discounts, and they had to copy the receipts by hand and they often get lost during the delivery. Considerations of the solution to problem The pizza delivery could get a computer right by the phone so that the member of staff who picks up the phone can type in the information and add up the prices and take off the discounts on computer and this would be neater so the people can read it and it would be more accurate so they would charge the right price to customer and deliver the pizzas to the rite people. ...read more.


Collecting Data The data that was collected was carefully calculated and considered by my own judgement and experience in pizza and drink pricing. There will be a menu of all the varieties of things available in stock and the code number of the item will be displayed on the page next to the item. * Price of drink * Variety of drinks * Code number of drinks * Size of pizza * Price of pizza * Flavour of pizza * Code number of pizza And all the rest of the data like the sum of the total amount and the discount that was calculated were all done on the spreadsheet and calculated by the spreadsheet. Processing the data The user enters what food or drinks are being sold into the spreadsheet using v-lookup. The spreadsheet then totals the different food and drink up. The user is given an option to give a 10% discount if the price is over a certain limit, so I will use an If statement, in conjunction with a formula that will work this out. Conceptualise Mr. David thinks the spreadsheet should have a maximum of three pages, and I thought that I would have one with the links to the two other pages of which one will contain the datasheet which contains all the information about the pizzas and there prices and the other will contain the order sheet which will calculate the prices and discounts of all the orders made by the user.. ...read more.


I don't think that I could have made it any better than it is now, so I am quite happy with the way it turned out. - the system should print out the invoice within 10 seconds This worked with the right printer and caused no problems. I could have made this better by getting a faster printer but this would be too expensive. - the price automatically appear with the name of the pizza This worked perfectly as excel is designed to do this with the right formula. I don't know any ways to make this better on the sheet. - the sheets should be protected to avoid anyone accidentally deleting any information or formulas This worked well. I added in two passwords for Mr. David, one to enter the file and one to modify so it would be very difficult for someone to change any of the information on the actual sheet. - the system should have a sheet that looks good and contains the company logo, and stores information of the available pizzas and their prices and another one to do all the working out of the prices and the taking off of discounts and any other adding up that needs to be done This has been achieved as you can see in my implementation stage and it has been done do the satisfaction of Mr.David. ...read more.

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