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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1640

Impact Of Computers In Society and The Environment

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TITLE OF PAGE PAGE NUMBER 1 Front Cover 2 Contents 3 Terms of Reference 4 Procedure 5 Findings - Job Gains & Losses 6 Home working & De-skilling 7 Working Patterns in our Local Community 8 National & International Economies 9 Improving work opportunities for the Disabled & Women 10 Increased Leisure Time 11 Conclusion Unit 19 Impact Of Computers In Society and The Environment Computers and Working Patterns 1.0 Terms of Reference: This report focuses on the impact of ICT in several different areas of work. Students in the AVCE ICT- Yr 2 group were assigned to a specific topic in which they had to research, review the findings and finally produce a report. This report is the brief synopsis of six reports produced by each of the groups in the class. 2.0 Procedure: All information has been gathered from either the Internet, websites or word-of-mouth. The topics and the groups who researched them are as follows: 2.1- Job losses and gains 2.2- Home working and de-skilling 2.3- Working Patterns in our local community 2.4- National and International economies 2.5- Improving work opportunities for women and the disabled 2.6- Increased leisure time 3.0 Findings: 3.1- Job gains and losses: ICT has opened up a countless number of jobs for the society also changing the nature of jobs along the way by a great deal. ...read more.


Skilled workers with better knowledge of the use of ICT have better careers and work opportunities, leaving the rest of the workforce in dead-end and low-paying jobs. Computers have de-skilled workers and degraded their quality of working life. 3.3- Working Patterns in our Local Community: The Internet has had a major impact on employment not least because communications have improved vastly. Information can be transferred from one person to another. Responses are fast - no time delay due to postage any more - deals can be done faster. Some people can expect to access their work anytime and anywhere, which allows for the employee to be more flexible in their approach to the job. Workers can now work at home instead of commuting to the office. This will automatically lead to potential lifestyle changes - move out of the city; maybe you don't even need a car anymore. Working patterns have also changed because of the introduction of computers and specifically the Internet. The 24 hour/ 365 days a year Internet access and potential link to the office- we can now do the work as and when it suits us. This of course only applies to a certain percentage of the workforce. ...read more.


ICT has provided more availability of leisure time and opportunities than there were before. The main areas that promote leisure time are: - Personal Computers - Multimedia - Game Stations - Internet 4.0 Conclusion: Looking at all aspects of ICT and its impact on various sectors, it can be noticed that although ICT has had a negative effect on people and the environment, it has also created excellent job opportunities which require learning and applying new skills. Learning new skills is important to try and attempt to use any kind of latest ICT software, as it seems to surround us immensely. Therefore you could say it has offered more advantages than disadvantages. ICT has become a vital part to the people of today's society, as many businesses could not operate without the use of any kind of ICT. ICT has also benefited from National and International economies. New technology is being introduced everyday and there are now cheaper ways to use eastern economies to get the work done. Many of the British companies have already transferred their businesses overseas e.g. Call centres have been handed over to India, as it is cheaper. However, many might disagree that this has been a good change because of the recurring mistakes. Page 1 of 11 Unit 19 ...read more.

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