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Impact of ICT on internal and external communications

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Impact of ICT on internal and external communications ICT is used in many ways to communicate within many businesses. Sainsbury's uses the use of ICT to communicate internally and externally. There are many advantages of using ICT to communicate. The advantages of using ICT to communicate There are many advantages of using ICT to communicate. The advantages are that there are lots of different ways to communicate by using ICT and they all are very different from each other and have different advantages. ICT is also very quick and often easy to use if you have the correct skills. Disadvantages of ICT There can be many communication breakdowns due to the use of ICT if it is not used correctly. ...read more.


The disadvantage with e-mail is not all people have e-mail addresses. If you want to contact someone quickly you might not be able to because they might not of checked their e-mails and it could be there waiting to be read. Internet The Internet is a big way of communicating with people external from Sainsbury's. On the Sainsbury's website it has all the information customers need to know about the store. With the Internet it can be easy accessed from many different places and it holds a lot of different information for people to see. Also with the Internet customers can get in- touch with Sainsbury's through there website. There are not many disadvantages with the Internet. The only disadvantage from a customer's point of view is not having the Internet at home to view the information Intranet The intranet is an internal Internet only for workers at Sainsbury's to see. ...read more.


These three methods of communicating using ICT will be used the most when the store is in operation. ICT is also very effective when used internally and externally, which is a great advantage to Sainsbury's because it can help them work efficiently and it can help them work cheaper than using other methods of communication. I think if ICT was not used within Sainsbury's stores they would have lots of problems and the stores would be very hard to run. There would be a massive communication breakdown because information would have to be sent using different methods and these methods could take a lot of time and would effect Sainsbury's main objectives. There are many disadvantages of using ICT to communicate but in the end there are to many advantages of using it and it would not be a wise decision to stop using it. ...read more.

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