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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 6247

Impact of ICT on Society

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Unit 9 Impact of ICT on Society Task 1 Teleworking, often referred to as telecommuting, occurs where paid workers work away from their normal place of work normally the office or organization headquarters. With teleworking, they work usually from home. Teleworking allows organizations take full advantage of new technologies and new ways of working to focus on the work performed rather than on the location where it is performed. They discover first hand how it increases productivity while reducing accommodation costs, layoffs and absenteeism (of all types including during disruption due to strikes floods, snow or ice storms etc) Teleworking can benefit employees and the employers Employees The advantages to the employees are that it can reduce stress levels and allows them to motivate them to work in their own free space. This leads to job satisfaction leading to high quality of work and high levels of productivity. Employees can focus more as there are fewer interruptions, which allows the employees to continue to lead to higher productivity levels as they concentrate more. Employees save a lot of money which they may spend on car and car services including MOT and servicing. Most of the money is spent on petrol and food. Employees do not take a lot of personal leaves or are absent from work. Employees are much more punctual to work as they work from home. It makes it easier for employees, who travel long geographical distances to work, as they can work from home. If the employee is a single parents make it much easier for them as they can also concentrate on family and not stress a lot of about work as there is less tension about work. As employees do not travel to work there is less pollution and reduction in car emissions therefore less traffic congestion on the roads leading to less road accidents. Employees can work around new lifestyles as they can do work when they want without no supervisors. ...read more.


In the shop the smart cards can be used as identification cards for tills and room locks. Smart cards will allow the shop to see what the takings where on each till when a certain employee was at the till. Smart cards hold individual data allowing this work and benefit the company. As smart cards allow money to be topped on them they can allow the employee to buy food from the shop canteen making it easier for the staff as they do not need change or money only need the smart card. Employees in Argos, which is a catalogue retailer in the UK, use smartcards to access high security areas where stock Problems can occur if the smart card chip is damaged as it will cost a lot of money to replace and if one of the employee forgets to bring it will effect what he can do, like the tills and stockroom work can be only be accessed if they have their smart card because of security reasons. Smartcards are used by BSkyB in order for their sky digital packaged to work. Smartcard chip has information uploaded on to it with customer details and what package the customer is subscribed to. When the listings are displayed on screen it will only let the customer access the channels that they are subscribed to are included in their package and will block the customer from viewing other channels. In the factory smart cards help a lot as they can be used for clocking in instead of using a sign in procedure. Employees can access areas using the smart card as identification where there is machinery. The identification allows security to be increased by smart cards as there is no authorized access to areas in the factory where machinery is set up. Employees do not have to bring money in to work for lunch every day because they purchase lunch using their smart cards. ...read more.


With visiting the colleges you receive eye to eye contact with members of the sixth form colleges which is essentials as you may get to opinions quicker but with internet research it is harder to define the truth. Consider factors relating to levels of employment due to the growth of Internet Services. Levels of employment of decreased because of rapid growth in Internet services because less people are required by organizations and companies to take care and manager servers and websites. However before organizations and companies' requirement manual labour for people to assistant in actual work before the growth of internet services such as online shopping allowing goods and services to be purchased online and customers do not need to go to actual shops where actual labours was required to do stock checks and deal with customers. Nowadays the growth of internet services has reduced employment levels as people are only required in manly in fields such website and server management. Another factor is people are using more services that would require manual employment on the internet such as banking and marketing. Employment levels are down in services such as banking because people find it easier and faster as they do not have to wait in long queues to check and also banking is 24 as well as shopping so there is no restrictions on purchasing allowing consumers to buy or use services when ever. Employment has decreased therefore because of more and more people using the internet for shopping and finding easy methods of using services and less people using high street to do banking and shopping lowering company cost as they use the services of the Internet to offer there services to customers. Marketing has grown on the internet as banners can be placed on website advertising companies and goods reducing employment of people do advertising on television or on radios and reducing costs for company as this will be probably be covered under the job title criteria of website staff. Harpender Thind Candidate No: 1649 Centre No: 25280 1 ...read more.

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