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Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at college/school.

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Report 3(a) Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at college/school. Introduction: Technology has changed the way the community works. They are more included in people's everyday life activities. Technology has developed in various ways, for example televisions have transformed from old black and white sets to colored plasma sets. Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. It has altered our economic structures and the ways we communicate. Email: The first technology I am going to evaluate is going to be on emailing. Electronic mail, abbreviated e-mail or email, is a method of composing, sending, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. The term e-mail applies both to the Internet e-mail system based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and to intranet systems allowing users within one company or organization to send messages to each other. In order for the messaging to work, both the receiver and the sender need an email account. Often these workgroup collaboration systems natively use non-standard protocols but have some form of gateway to allow them to send and receive Internet e-mail. ...read more.


Wide range of phones with different features. Convenient and practical for emergencies and for business-related communication. Disadvantages: Although the general cost of a mobile phone calls are fairly low, some tariffs are still rather high. The charge is usually higher when you call from one mobile service provider to another or if you are a low user or you phone at the most expensive time, etc. There are possible medical problems for those who overuse their mobiles e.g. headaches. Mobile phones may be considered a nuisance when used in public places. For someone sitting on a train trying to read a book the last thing they would want is to hear people around them shouting into a mobile phone. Personal: Mobile Phones fulfil my personal needs in different ways. Having a mobile phone means that you can reach people wherever you are, and they can reach you. A mobile phone can add to personal security. By having a Mobile Phone I am able to contact my parents may encourage if I am in trouble, lost or need a lift. I can also access WAP and download games and play them. ...read more.


I can take pictures and videos and take them to my family and friends house, and I can use it to receive help with homework. Simply, I can put in music files etc, give them to friends and they can then easily acquire the data without having to download videos or get them independently. But the videos I send are quite large in size, and my USB space is relatively small. Therefore, to send all the files I need to, I have to keep exchanging the USB with friends or family back and forth. If I had a large capacity USB memory stick then I could send all the files in one go. Work-related: It meets my work related needs as most of the time I tend to save the important work I have done at school, on my USB, just encase my saved work at home gets deleted on my computer. I often do this at school as well, just to make sure again that the work I do doesn't get interrupted or gets closed without me saving it. Most of the time though I use it to save my work, especially coursework, from school so that I can finish it off at home. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bharat Patel 10N Report 3A ...read more.

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