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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4316

Impact of ITC on society.

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Task 1: > Teleworking. Teleworking is defined as: ' "The practice of working on a computer in one place (normally from home) that is linked via communication technology to the company's central office where messages and data can be transferred" Advantages Travel costs - As there will be little need for the teleworker to commute to and from the office, this will thankfully reduce the expenditure on travelling arrangements, whether it is via car, train, bus or another means of transportation, and especially for those with children. Avoiding the rush hour - When Teleworking it is common that the person Teleworkers from home, although this may often not be the case. This means that the need to commute to and from work is non-existent, and sitting at home instead of being in the traffic will be a very big relief. Occasionally there may be times when you are called into the office for some specific reason, although not every teleworker stays at home 5 working days a week. Childcare problems - The problem of who takes care of your children whilst you are at work will also no longer be a problem. As the Teleworker will spend most of the time at home, they are able to work and take care of their children. Again this minimalists expenditure, and helps the teleworker with other unnecessary arrangements. Not only are there advantages for the employee but also if the employer decides that they are going to implement Teleworking they have the following advantage: Saves money - With all of the employees Teleworking the company has no need for an office, with this in mind there is little need for the company to own and rent an office space. Not only does it saves costs on rent bills but also on provisions, such aspects as desks, chairs, space, heating, car parking space. As well as canteen food, and beverages, which are consumed on a daily basis. ...read more.


* Increase quality repeatable operations through every cycle - tighter control limits, easier detection when process is out of control status of manufacturing operations * Increase productivity not the primary reason for automation Types of Automation Fixed automation * Hard automation, automation for mass production * Produces large numbers of nearly identical parts * Cost is greater than programmable or flexible - high production volumes * Product design be stable over its life * Advantages: equipment fine tuned to application - decreased cycle time, infrequent setups, automated material handling - fast and efficient movement of parts, very little WIP Programmable automation * Smaller volumes of many different parts * More flexible than hard automation * Major disadvantage: setup prior to each new part * Large batch size (due to setups) * Speed sacrificed for flexibility Flexible automation * Compromise between fixed and programmable automation in speed and flexibility * Advantage: programming and setup performed off-line * More expensive - size and tool change capabilities * Small batch sizes are justified - reduced WIP and lead time * High volume to justify * Typical parts are expensive, large and require some complex machining * Production costs lower than fixed or programmable automation for some parts TASK 4: > Smart Cards. The Pros and Cons of Smart Cards Smart cards, which contain a microprocessor rather than a magnetic strip, are both a good and bad. They can make your life easier, and possibly safer, by putting an incredible amount of important information at your fingertips. At the same time, however, the compromise of that information can be devastating to you. So, are they worth the risk? Let's take a look at the paranoia that's going around. In the first place, you might fear that someone can use these cards to track you. You may also worry that unscrupulous merchants can see a record of everything you've purchased, and then sell the information to someone else. ...read more.


Sixth Form Colleges. The facilities offered for researching Sixth Form Colleges on the internet depend on whether or not the college has a website there are many companies that offer online booking. By going to any major search engine such as 'Yahoo', you will find some Colleges offering an online guild to the Sixth Form College. As you can see there are many options for finding a college on the internet. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Internet For The Family And Environment. Advantages Disadvantages Family * Wide amount of information available. You can find anything on the internet. * My not be specific to there needs e.g. sixth form colleges from different parts of the world are on the internet not from there area. Environment * Less Paper Used, there fore saving trees. * Uses more electricity, therefore more fuels are burnt to provide energy Compare Booking A Flight Online Or Through A Travel Agent. * Easier to do online, you don't have to leave your home. * Might be able to get better offers online. * When you go to a travel agent, it is easier to find exactly what you want because you are talking to a human and not a computer. * The internet site might not be secure and someone may get your details. Compare Researching Sixth Form Colleges Online Or Manually. * Manually is better because you can see the college you want to go to and you can talk to people at the college. * The internet is good to find out statistics about a college. * When searching for a college on the internet you can end up with some which are nowhere near you and are irrelevant. Employment Due To Internet Growth. There has been a growth in employment due to the internet as staff are needed to maintain the site, work in warehouse and deliver goods. This has also created new jobs such as website designers and internet technician. UNIT 9: IMPACT OF ICT ON SOCIETY. Name: Jai Mehta 12N. Teacher: Mr Otobor Centre Number: 12302. Centre Name: Alperton Community School. 1 ...read more.

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