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Impact of the system

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Impact of the system ICT has had an astounding affect on our society. We would not be anywhere as near as technologically advanced as we are without it. The use of ICT is so vast; it affects everyone in his or her day-to-day lives in Britain at least. It has affected our society in so many various ways, It has greatly affected businesses globally, it has aided communications worldwide in many ways, namely through the use of the Internet. The Internet has been, in my opinion, by far the greatest invention of the twentieth century. Internet works as a network connection between all the users of a computer in the world. Everyone can find their own use for the Internet, and therefore ICT. Computers have their other uses too though, games are enjoyed by many a pc user around the world, and programmes on ms offices are great aids to everything from, a school pupils homework to a businessman's latest spreadsheet and even an advertisers latest designs. ICT is life changing to many. Of course it's not perfect and everyone has an opinion on it, but nothing is without its flaws. ...read more.


ICT also helps us as the employers as we advertise vacancies on the Internet, we can check potential employees backgrounds all at the click of a mouse as well. We also can keep all staff records in our database, in a similar style to that in which we keep our customers relevant info. Customers are also aware of the impact of ICT as they are able to find out all about our company simply by accessing our website. They can be quite easily contacted via email, and we can email with advertisements as well as placing advertisements elsewhere on the Internet. Customers can book computers through the website and see when we are open and where we are based. Customers can also alert of any changes we may need to make to their personal record like a change of address or even a change of name. They can make us aware should they decide they'd like to discontinue their use of our service. ICT is just so useful all round. The moral issues related to the use of ICT are quite controversial and are still openly discussed and very much talked about. ...read more.


This is why it is constantly stressed to anyone accessing the Internet to keep personal information to themselves however convincing online 'friends' may be. There are inappropriate sites accessible on the internet as well (including violent, scary, or nude content as well as paedophilia etc.) so our plan at SURF SUP is to block any inappropriate sites from the computers and to block SPAM emails with security measures such as firewall for virus protection. There is an argued point that ICT has caused a division between 'classes'. With claims that richer people have better opportunities as better resources are made available to them. This is even true in the classroom, with homework increasingly being made to be completed on a computer, those children that haven't got computers are rather, unintentionally, discriminated against. So the poorer members of our societies are missing out rather. Developing countries compared to Wealthier countries also have similar problems, as developing countries are rather left behind when it comes to technology. However action is being taken to solve this problem that is causing such a massive cultural divide as charities and businesses are sending over computers to some of the poorer countries. Impact of the system 1 Created by Emily O'Dell 10S ...read more.

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