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In a library all orders and details are recorded on paper and not every need is catered for on the forms given. As a result of this the librarian has asked me to do a spreadsheet to make it easier for her to record all the details of finance.

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Description of task The library has a set budget every year of �4,194. However all orders and details are recorded on paper and not every need is catered for on the forms given. As a result of this the librarian has asked me to do a spreadsheet to make it easier for her to record all the details of finance. She also asked me to make sure that I can be able to add to the balance given in case of cheques that may be given or additional money. To understand further the task in hand I was told to see Miss Mistry in the office as she handles all the financial details of the school. The task will prove to be more complicated than I initially suspected. Analysis Current System At the moment the current system is a manually based one, which is prone to error. All the expenditure is recorded on a sheet shown in appendix 1. This record sheet is provided by the office and used by the librarian whenever a new order is placed. It is prone to being misread and would be better of under a computer-based spreadsheet. ...read more.


Then she would go and write out the order in the order sheet and send off the order. Specification General Criteria � The system must be easy to use � The owner is computer literate but it would be more preferable for her if she had a straight-forward system that will cause little problem for her � The program should be easy to install Specific Criteria � The computer must have validation checks for things like spelling errors. � It must be able to calculate the additions and expenditure of the library budget � There should be formulas in the system that can be used by the librarian for working out budget calculations Specification � It will be a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel 97 � It will deal with maths formulas � There may be problems if I design any of it at home as I have got Microsoft Excel XP � The system has to be clear and easy to use � I should not have to keep going to the library because the librarian doesn't understand a certain part of it. That would show that the system is too complex � The ultimate aim is to make sure that the program will calculate the income and expenditure of the library. ...read more.


Design [image002.gif] Implementation Resources The computer in the library is in the same network as the rest of the computers in the school and linked up with all of them via a bus network. The specification of it is the following: - Pentium 2 32 Meg ram 8 Gigabyte hard drive 10 - 100 Meg net cards 2 Meg Video card CD ROM drive Keyboard Bubble jet printer On the network there is file, Internet and printer sharing. There are 2 computers in the library, however the librarian uses one and the 6th formers who help her and other students use the other. Test Strategy It must be ensured that the initial design of an ICT system works, as it should. The system must process and output values correctly, and must also help the user to avoid unintended input by applying validation rules. The test strategy will involve the input of a variation of values, to test if the validation checks are functioning correctly. Faulty values will be input and it will be observed whether the user is prompted about these. It must also be checked that the user is not prompted when correct values are input. Test Prediction Result Evidence Make Date of order allow dates starting from beginning of 2003. Input older date Date will not be allowed as it is too old Error report Appendix 1 ...read more.

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