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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1768

In the design I will be trying to take the end user's specification and produced a workable database solution on paper. I have to make sure that a relatively competent 3rd party should be able to implement my ideas from only the paperwork.

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Design In the design I will be trying to take the end user's specification and produced a workable database solution on paper. I have to make sure that a relatively competent 3rd party should be able to implement my ideas from only the paperwork. 1. 1.1 Comparison of alternative solutions Applications 1.2 Justification for chosen solution I have chosen Access as one of my software applications to implement the database because it includes many very user-friendly tools, which I will be able to use to complete my tasks. Access has also many advantages to it, as shown below: - * Support for very large databases * Automatic optimization of searching (when possible) * Has a simple view of the database that conforms to mush of the data used in business * Standard Query language (sql) * Allows us to collect data in relatively simple tables, keeping organizational tasks simple * We can match data from on table to corresponding data in another table by using a linking mechanism called a relational join * Match primary key in one table to a foreign key in a second table Advantages of Solutions * One advantage of these solutions is that with the Standard query language there is able to be a higher reliability on the different types of search queries that the user implicates. ...read more.


Year to show in which the album was produced Like "????" Please only enter 4 digits Genre Text (20) To show what type of music each band falls into Only select from the list of genres Cost Price per unit Currency Number to show how much the CDs are Picture OLE object Picture to show the album cover Quantity of product in stock Number (2) Number to show how many products are in stock Like "??" P lease enter 2 valid digits for the appropriate number of items in stock TblOrders Field Name Data Type and length Description Validation rule and Text Order ID Number A unique number to show the order number no validation rules for this table Order Date Date/Time Date to show when the item had been ordered Value Currency Number to show the cost of the product Confirmed Yes/No Yes/No box to show whether order has been sent Input Forms - backgrounds The use of forms is very important as it allows many user-friendly solutions within the actual system when the customer or employee is using it. Forms are useful in a database as it can create a data-entry form to enter data into a table. Also it can enable the user to create a custom dialog box to accept user input and then carry out an action. ...read more.


Functional testing is going to be where each menu item will be tested in turn to make sure that none of the functions have been missed out. The next type of testing that I will be carrying out is going to be systems testing. This is when the system is finished; all of the range of tests will be carried again to ensure that no other errors have been entered. Recovery testing will also be used in the database. The computer will be restarted while the database is open to ensure the data is not lost or corrupted incase there is a power failure. The last type of testing that will be carried throughout the system is acceptance testing. The user will be asked to test the capabilities of the system to make sure that all of the required functions are present and working as expected. Test Plan Test No. Test Data Expected Result 1 Incorrect Password "ABC" Password Rejected 2 Test Main menu - Customers Form Customers Form opens 3 Input new customer Customer ID should automatically be shown and customer should be added. 4 Test Main menu - CD details frm CD frm should open 5 Edit Cd frm - test to see if able to save changes Change should be shown and made correctly to the form 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 27 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Design 1 ...read more.

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