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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1483

In the MSDOS editor type in some lines of text and save as JUNKl.TXT in the COURSEl sub-directory

Extracts from this document...


Assignment 1 - Operating systems Open a MSDOS Command Prompt Window from the Start, Programs Menu system. Screenshot of open command prompt 1. Format a new floppy disk C:\WINDOWS>a: A:\>format a: Insert new diskette for drive A: and press ENTER when ready... Checking existing disk format. Verifying 1.44M Format complete. 2. Set the volume name to 'CHAOS 1' Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? CHAOS 1 1,457,664 bytes total disk space 1,457,664 bytes available on disk 512 bytes in each allocation unit. 2,847 allocation units available on disk. Volume Serial Number is 3546-19FA Format another (Y/N)?n A:\> 3. Set up the directory structure as specified below A:\>md\home A:\>md\work A:\>md\home\letters A:\>md\home\accounts A:\>md\work\course1 A:\>md\work\data A:\>md\work\maths A:\>tree Bad command or file name The TREE command does not work on my version of MS DOS (i.e. Windows ME) so I have used the DIR command to show that the directories and files have been set up as required. A:\>dir Volume in drive A is CHAOS 1 Volume Serial Number is 3546-19FA Directory of A:\ HOME <DIR> 15/06/03 18:40 home WORK <DIR> 15/06/03 18:40 work 0 file(s) 0 bytes 2 dir(s) 1,454,080 bytes free A:\>dir\home Volume in drive A is CHAOS 1 Volume Serial Number is 3546-19FA Directory of A:\home . ...read more.


By Using the DIR/S command, this command lists the files in the directory and all subdirectories. By typing in the filename it searches for that specific file. A:\>dir/s sample.txt Volume in drive A is CHAOS 1 Volume Serial Number is 3546-19FA Directory of A:\ File not found 1,452,544 bytes free C:\WINDOWS>dir/s sample.txt Volume in drive C has no label Volume Serial Number is 11F3-3136 Directory of C:\WINDOWS File not found 16,680.20 MB free Using Windows (without the aid of a command prompt) 1. Set up, on another floppy disk, a similar structure to that shown above. Steps to setup the disk in windows 1. Launch Windows Explorer (from the start menu or icon shortcut) 2. Select the 31/2 Floppy (drive A:). Right click and select Format, select one of the options (either Quick (erase) or Full), enter the disk name 'CHAOS1' and click start to format the disk. 3. To set up directories, select the floppy, click file, new folder. Right click the new folder and select rename and type the desired name in. To create the subfolders select the folder first and follow the same steps. 4. Access a word processing package, either MS Word or Notepad and enter a few lines of text, save this to the desired directory. ...read more.


Moving files to another location is simple as it can be dragged and dropped Moving files requires the correct command word to be used and the correct directory names to be known The entire directories of a drive can be shown at the same time including sub-directories Only one directory or sub-directory can be shown at once (unless the TREE command works on the version of DOS you are using which on mine it doesn't!) The main difference between Windows and MS Dos is that Windows is much more user friendly and prettier and can be used by an absolute beginner to complete simple tasks, whereas DOS requires specialist knowledge about the command words that can be used and can prove very frustrating if the command is spelt wrong or simply does not work. Also some of the commands are not named as you would expect, i.e. if you want to search for a file the DIR command is used (whereas Windows simply uses 'find', much more logical) and to someone who is unaware of the commands can prove very frustrating. The point and click interface of the Windows environment allows tasks to be completed in a short space of time, whereas DOS can be much more time consuming to someone who has never used it before and a lot more frustrating. ...read more.

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