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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8574

In this (2b) report I am going to investigate software application, Input and Output devices, Processor, Ports and Cables and finally Storage devices that Sainsbury used them,

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Unit 2b INTRODUCTION In this (2b) report I am going to investigate software application, Input and Output devices, Processor, Ports and Cables and finally Storage devices that Sainsbury used them, I am again briefly introducing this Supermarket with its aims function and some purposes and how Sainsbury uses technologies, and why Sainsbury uses these different technologies, In this report I am investigating different technologies, and some other technologies that we used every day in our life, for example: Keyboard, mouse, PC, etc. J Sainsbury plc is a leading UK food retailer with interests in non-food and financial services. The group comprises Sainsbury's Supermarkets, Bells Stores, Jackson's Stores and Sainsbury Bank and employs more than 153,000 people. Sainsbury's businesses is built on a commitment to quality and service that dates back to 1869 and its desire to give customers the "best butter in the world" at prices they could afford. Sainsbury aims to be the customer's first choice for food, delivering products of outstanding quality with great service at a competitive cost. More recently in 1996, the company started formal reporting was broadened to CSR as a response to greater demand amongst its stakeholders. Sainsbury's estimated that it recruits around 50,000 people a year and, in May 2005, launched a drive to hire 10,000 over-50s by the end of the year. This Supermarket uses all the traditional recruitments channels, such as in-store advertisements, posters, find friend initiatives, local and national newspapers and the internet. More than 60% of Sainsbury's staffs are female and 68% workers part-time. Workers with laptops can access the internet from home. There are 450 stores across the UK with turnover of 510 million pound. Sainsbury service over 10.8 million customers a week and sell around 25,000 different products. Sainsbury purpose is to ensure all employees have opportunities to develop their abilities and are well rewarded from their contribution to the success of the business. ...read more.


Some printers, such as ink-jet printers need special coated papers to achieve the best results. These are more expensive and add to the running costs. Sainsbury used the Sony printing kiosks this will now feature in a further 100 Sainsbury's stores. In time for printing all those holiday season pictures, shoppers in 230 towns and cities across the UK can now print high quality 4 x 6 photos at approximately 3.5s each using the two Sony UP - DR150 printing units housed in each kiosk, without having to go out of their way and waste precious time. Sainsbury's Photo buying Manager Said: "Since we start using the Sony printer kiosk, a staggering nine million digital photo prints additional Sony print kiosks allows us to bring even more customers an affordable, accessible and convenient photo printing solution,". PLOTTERS- Sainsbury used Plotters to device for producing high quality graphical output on paper. They used it to produce plans, maps, line diagrams and three dimensional drawings. Plotters come in sizes that match the standard sizes of paper, and can be very large. There are two main types of plotter, pen plotter and penless plotters. Penless lotters use various different technologies. High quality work for publication is produced by electrostatic plotters. * Pen plotter use pens to produce images and different pens may be used. Containing different coloured inks. * The pens can reach any point on the piece of paper. * The lines drawn are continuous, not made of dots, and the drawing produced is very accurate. * Pen plotters may be classified as either flat-bed plotters, or drum plotters. * The pens used in plotters need to e replaced when they run out of ink. Advantages/Disadvantages of plotters for Sainsbury: * Output is slow from a plotter, but speed is less important than accuracy for the type of graphics it produces. Technical drawings for a car, for example, must be accurate. ...read more.


Serval Retail Manager Software for Sainsbury's - Serval Retail Manager (RM) Software provides retailers with efficient and powerful retail management software solutions that gives Sainsbury's complete control over their business operations and offers accurate financial management. Serval RM is designed to take the headache out of Sainsbury's administration and provides a simple, sophisticated one-stop solution that meets specific management needs. It simplifies and summarized cash-ups, offers in-depth inventory control and accurate profit management reporting. Serval RM software also maintains the cash flow and accounting software systems Sainsbury's. Serval RM Software is intelligent innovative and so easy to use. Sainsbury's first started using Serval Retail Manager Software in March 2004 wanting to address specific challenges they were facing. They were looking for better ways of dealing with stock replenishment, income management, and cash flow. The staff at Serval Systems worked with the customer to develop a smooth implementation plan by integrating data from their point of sale (POS) system and back office accounting software; and providing in-depth training to enable the users to get the most out of their system. Sainsbury's Manager said about the benefits of Serval (RM): "Serval Retail Manager (RM) software has provided me far better control over my business and I now have full insight into the business at the press of button. The data available from the system has provided a 360* improvement in the accuracy of my buyers - my team has moved to the next level." The owner of Sainsbury's has noticed significant improvement since first using Serval. The software has allowed his team to be much more informed about the decisions they are making with the availability of critical data such as the gross profit of specific products. This has allowed them to manage a more profitable stock level - reducing slow moving items and ensuring fast-moving items are in stock. It has also provided a tool for cash flow management, knowing exactly what should be paid and when. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Milaad Maarij 11R 2B Report Mr. Keshani ...read more.

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