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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1401

In this section I will display the work I have done and the outputs produced by the system. This section is basically evidence to my work as I intend to prove my work that I had planned in the Design section.

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In this section I will display the work I have done and the outputs produced by the system. This section is basically evidence to my work as I intend to prove my work that I had planned in the DESIGN section. PROTECTION AT THE BEGINNING The first thing presented to the user when he opens the file is the password dialog box. I added this to protect the data from being accessed by the wrong people. The following screen dump shows the password dialog box: After entering the correct password the main switchboard opens up. MENUS (SWITCHBOARDS) As mentioned in DESIGN, I created a menu so that the user can easily access the various parts of the database. To make things simple and easy, I made the menus using the Switchboard Manager. This creates switchboards which work like navigational menus. The Switchboard Manager can be accessed by clicking Tools>Database Utilities>Switchboard Manager This is how the switchboard manager looks like with the switchboards in it: The switchboards are created by clicking the 'New' button and naming the switchboards in the dialog box that appears. To add objects to the switchboard I clicked edit and the following dialog box appeared: Here, I added the items by clicking 'New' and entering the data into the dialog box that appeared. ...read more.


The following screen dumps show the steps involved when creating a form: Here I choose the fields that I want to include in the form. Here I choose the layout of my form (Columnar). The next window asks which color scheme I want. I select the Industrial scheme as it looks casual yet seems formal. Here I choose the name of the form and also to open the form in design mode so I can modify the form's design. The following pages are displays of all the forms I have created: In the DESIGN section I mentioned that I would add some 'codes' to some fields. This was done using the CODEBUILDER. CODEBUILDER allows Microsoft Visual Basic coding to be integrated into the MS Access database. This is how I did it: QUERIES As mentioned before, I am creating queries so that data can be filtered. I had created the queries in wizard mode and then edited the criteria in design mode. These are the steps that were involved in wizard mode: In this window I can choose the fields that I wish to display in my query. The screen dump shows some fields beings inserted. Another window appears after clicking next. This window only appears if there is a field with numbers as the data type. ...read more.


Then the following dialog box appears: I choose 'Create a new document and then link the data to it'. In the company, if they have made a preset letter, they can choose the first option and choose the file that contains the letter. Then MS Word opens up and it prompts for the database password. Once this is entered Word asks for the table or query required. I choose the mail merge query and then a new toolbar (mail merge toolbar) appears. Then I typed out the standard letter and inserted the fields from the button. The following pages show examples of my mail merged letters: Now that I have shown basically my whole system, I will now summarize the test plan. TESTING Here I will show the error messages that have been displayed when the Validation Rules have been violated. I will go table-wise to make it easier to understand what's going on: Items All my tables have the validation rule 'Is Not Null'. Thus I have just displayed the error messages with the conditions below: NAME field is blank. PRESENT field is blank. SELL PRICE field is blank. SCODE not present in SUPPLIERS table. Suppliers SUPPLIER field is blank. TELEPHONE field is blank. Purchase FNAME field is blank. LNAME field is blank. NAME1 field is blank. SUPPLIER1 field is blank. Repairs FNAME field is blank. LNAME field is blank. NAME field is blank. SUPPLIER field is blank. PROBLEM field is blank. TECHNICIAN field is left blank. COLLECT field is blank. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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