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In today’s world where technology is constantly developing and changing there are bound to be flaws in what we create, or people who disagree with carrying out what our technology is capable of doing.

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In today's world where technology is constantly developing and changing there are bound to be flaws in what we create, or people who disagree with carrying out what our technology is capable of doing. Such as CCTV, this provides a great services for capturing criminals and monitoring our safety but can also be taken to the extreme and can violate someone's privacy such as in the 1999 film Eye of the Beholder starring Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd, or in an everyday instance where a security guard sets his cameras on you in a shop. Now that we have cameras that can zoom in so close, work in the dark and are tiny we have no way of detecting their presence or escaping their lens, this may be exactly what we need for vandals or thieves but is this really the price we have to pay to be safe? We have to trust whoever is in charge of these surveillance devices and more often than not we won't know who that is or where their cameras are. ...read more.


These devious files often crash the software if removed so have to remain part of the package. Spyware, much like CCTV can keep us safe but also be a huge invasion of privacy. Most people would say that the only reason to dislike these files is that you are doing something wrong, such as downloading movies, games or explicit pictures but most spyware disguises itself in order to access what you are doing - and this is deceitful and dishonest. These programs include Gatorware that promises to remember all your passwords for you, Bonzi Buddy, which says it will making surfing the net 'easier, faster and a lot more fun!' and Common Name which adds itself onto your tool bar in Internet Explorer and searches using keywords only. Personally I think it is outrageous to get information in such a cunning manor but there is one time when I accept it: KaZaA uses its spyware to count how many times a particular word has been searched, so someone one who is searching for pornographic images of children and such can be easily tracked down. ...read more.


For most people mobiles are an easy way to keep in touch with their bosses or families whilst somewhere that would otherwise not permit this and it is all too easy to get caught up in 'the now' and how important it is that whoever you are phoning gets the information you are about to tell them and with new features being added all the time mobiles seem very tempting - almost essential some might say. Another reason people persist to use mobile phones is that the damage that mobiles can cause is not widely known like that of drink driving or smoking. There is always the ability for people with the required equipment may be able to tap in and listen to your conversations. Obviously this is an invasion of privacy and is unnecessary for the general public but very handy for those in the FBI and other such secret services. ?? ?? ?? ?? Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Electronic Systems Katie Bancroft 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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