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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3508

Information Handling System for 'TKO Games' in 'Newbury Park'

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Information Handling System for 'TKO Games' in 'Newbury Park' 1.1 Identification of the problem TKO games in Newbury Park currently run their computer games shop with a manual system to hold details of all games in the shop. Since there are so many people coming in to the shop and asking questions about stock, the staff working there are spending more time answering customer queries, searching for a product in the store, and looking on their manual index card system (which is difficult to use, and takes a long time) than selling stock. 1.1.2 Aim I intend to devise a solution to the above problem. I am going to create a computer system which can be used by customer's in order to help them to find information on a certain game, console or game's accessory without having to ask the staff in the shop. 1.2 Methods of data collection To collect the information needed for my project I will go to a number of different sources. I will use the TKO shop to get price lists in order to find out about the products and prices. In order to find out what the manager wants the system to do, I will decide whether to use interviews or questionnaires. Interviews and questionnaires both have advantages and disadvantages. This table (below) will show what these advantages and disadvantages are: Interviews Questionnaires Benefits Drawbacks Benefits Drawbacks * Actually speaking to the person * Arrange interview times. * Someone fills it out. * Limited responses. * Pickup on things they say * Only 1 person at a time * More than one person at a time. * May not be returned. * Tape conversations * May run out of time * Statistically large spread of answers. * Questionnaire cannot be developed. * Difficult to carefully analyse. * Easy to extract from. * People may not take questions seriously. ...read more.


in stock l 1 Picture lll 3 Graphics review 0 Sound rating 0 Playability l 1 Age rating ll 2 Rating /100 lll 3 Manufacturer 0 Whether the game is action/ adventure / racing / RPG / strategy etc lll 3 Format CD / MD / Cartridge ll 2 New/second hand lll 3 Database query requirement By analysing my questionnaires, it has allowed me to identify the requirements for the database. The fields that will be entered into the database are those that have 3 or more votes, since these are the ones the customers really want. These are: * Name/Title * What console the game is for * Cost * Picture * Rating /100 * Whether the game is action/ adventure / racing / RPG / strategy etc * New/second hand Database report production capabilities The analysis of my manager questionnaire (found in my questionnaire section) has helped me to identify the sort of reports that my system will need to produce. The manager chose the following as the problems created by the current system: * Difficult to keep up to date (new games coming out all the time) * Difficult to find data quickly * Complicated searches take a long time * Difficult to make back-ups * Contacting customers take too long * Not enough information about products stored on system * Stock taking * Estimating stock value * Analysing sales performance Database Data Processing Capabilities The analysis of my manager questionnaire has allowed me to identify the different types of data processing my system will need in order to perform: * Maintaining the database * Analysis of sales performance * Mailmerge * Reports 1.5.3 Identify the outputs, inputs, and processing required Output Requirements * Printed stock level requirement reports: Allows the manager of the store to see what games are selling well, so that more can be ordered. ...read more.


* The addresses of all the manufactures. * To design an easy to use database. This is because the system will be used in situations where the manager and staff must be able to help customers in the store. Sometimes these situations become stressful and a system that is too complicated will make it even harder for the staff and manager. An easy to use system will mean that most of the staff will be able to use it and any new staff won't have any problems with it. * To create an easy to maintain system. This is because the user must be able to add, delete and correct records. This is an essential part of the database as new stock is always coming in, and stock is always being bought. If the database is easy to maintain then the user won't have problems using it on a day to day basis. * To create additional databases along with the main database. This is to provide the user with a list of details of the suppliers to contact them when ordering stock. * Exchanging data between software easily. This is to allow the user to send and receive data to other software so that the user can produce mail merges and stock level reports. * Testing the system ensures that once the system is installed, the system doesn't fail when in use. Testing the systems also helps to reveal whether there are any hidden errors in it. * Producing a user manual ensures that if the user/s of the system has any problems, then he/she can look it up in the manual. If there is not a manual then the user would have to contact the maker of the system or take it to a specialist. This is time consuming and may cost the store money because the store may lose money while the system is unavailable. * Once the system is in use, a report must be made on how successful or how unsuccessful the solution to the problem was. Harnoop.S.Atkar ICT Project 2 Analysis ...read more.

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