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Information technology - Shop systems.

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Specification Background to the topic: I visited my local video and music store and after an interview with the manager I suggested there might be a better and more efficient way to manage their records. The better way would be to be to use a computerized system through the use of excel. My main task would be to create a new system which would be much better than their current system at organising records and storing records. The main reason for me choosing a video, and music shop was that these days people would rather spend a certain amount of money on buying a certain video so that they can watch it at their will instead of having to pay a certain amount of money on going to see the film in the cinema and paying a certain amount of money whenever they wanted to see it. The business is currently located on Wembley High Road. ...read more.


this makes it easier for the store to see the same data in several different perspectives. This can be done by sorting the data in excel. There would be no need to record data in a book as by recording the data in excel you would be able to create a system where the data is updated when you a video in returned and therefore it means there is always an up to date list which can be viewed by the managers or staff on duty which would give them an up to date account of the videos late or required rental. Summary to the interview: I went to the manager and conducted an interview with him. I asked him several question as to what he wanted when the system was completed and he gave me a unique insight into what he wanted the system to have the ability to achieve when it was finished. ...read more.


In order to achieve this task the system would have to have the ability to input data with ease and in little time. The way I would use to achieve this task would be to use a form reader that would automatically read the data and register it in the list of rental data. The new system objectives will be as follows: * Allow accountancy changes to be made easily, looked up and stored, quickly, efficiently. This would mean that if the system could do these tasks then the end users would need very little training in how to use the system. * Allow video information to be inputted, edited, looked up and stored efficiently, quickly and without difficulty. This would mean that at a glance the end user would be able to check the availability of certain videos etc. with very little time meaning that customers would not have to wait for long periods of time whilst the details for a certain video are checked. Nirave Gondhia AS Level IT Coursework Specification ...read more.

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