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Input and output.

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Input and output Input: Mouse A mouse is a hand-held device you move on your desk to point to and select items on your screen. When you move the mouse, the mouse pointer on the screen moves in the same direction. Standard Mouse A wire connects this type of mouse to the computer that looks like a mouse's tail. A mouse is moved over a flat horizontal surface, usually a rubber mouse pad, and its position is read by the computer the standard mouse has two buttons and a tracker ball. Advantages: allows users to do tasks without using a key board and speeds up the amount of thing you can do in the same amount of time. Disadvantages: the tracker ball may become clogged and the mouse wont work as efficiently Infra red Mouse Uses an infra-red beam to detect the mouse's movement. You do not need a mouse-mat and can use any surface to move the mouse on. Advantages: They respond more quickly and precisely than standard mice they don't require wires so there are less wires and less chance for wires to get tangled, it also means that you are not restricted to a small area. ...read more.


Disadvantages: some things that are scanned may not be the same quality as the original copy. Video digitiser A video digitiser takes an image from a video camera or television and converts it so that it can be used by, and stored on, a computer. Video sequences captured using a video digitiser are often used in multimedia presentations. Voice recognition (microphone) A microphone is used with a voice recognition system. This can be used with a word processing program to enter text. It can also be used as part of security systems - only certain digitally stored voices have access. Advantages: allows user to speak out aloud their documents which the computer will type when the speak Disadvantages: some word may not be written correctly as different people speak in different ways. Joystick A device you can plug into your computer to control the movement of objects, such as a car or plane, in many games. Better control of objects on the screen makes games more realistic Advantages: allows the user to play games more easily as they don't have to use the keyboard which can be complicated when playing a game . Disadvantages: not all games support certain types of joysticks. ...read more.


Using a graphics tablet a designer can produce very accurate on-screen drawings. Advantages: allows users to draw anything they want just like drawing on paper but it is presented in a digital form which is shown to the user on the screen. Output Devices These provide the results of the action of input & processing devices & include Monitors or Visual Display Units(VDUs) Monitors or VDUs are the most common output device and include desktop monitors and Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). Advantages: allows the users to see the output of the input . Disadvantages: without it you cant do anything. Printers Laser printers produce a very high quality output, are very quiet and very fast although quite expensive to buy. Ink-jet printers are cheaper to buy, offering black and white or colour printing with reduced levels of quality and speed. Dot-matrix printers are not so common today. They are comparatively noisy and low quality but are cheap to run and ideal for draft copies Plotters A plotter can be used to produce high quality, accurate, A3 size or bigger drawings. They are usually used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) applications such as printing out plans for houses or car parts. Speakers Converts electrical energy from computer into vibrations by an electromagnet Output sound Used for multi-media amplification Need a sound card Around �15-�100 Saqib Anwar ...read more.

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