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Input devices

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Input Devices: An input device is a device used to enter information into a computer. Name Picture Description (function and characteristics) Recommended to John Brown (Y/N) Reason Barcode reader Barcodes are different groups of vertical bars that can be read by an optical scanner. Barcodes are printed on nearly every product that you can buy. Shops use them because they are cheap to produce and very durable. No At present, a barcode reader is not one of John Browns requirements. Maybe at a later stage he may decide to purchase one to make it easier to enter product information onto the computer. Keyboard They are the most popular input peripheral. ...read more.


Yes On the laptop, there is a touch pad; it is used instead of a mouse. A mouse comes with the computer. Roller ball Can be used instead of a mouse, it is like an upside-down mouse. The user rotates the ball with their thumb or the palm of their hand. No John brown did not require a roller ball. maybe if he can require it later, if he want to used it rather than a mouse Scanner They used to scan photographs and other images so they can be put into document or web pages. They can also be used to scan text into a word-processing. ...read more.


Special software, called voice recognition software, is used to interpret the sounds. No John brown did not require a microphone. Maybe he can purchase later so he can record data into the computer, it will save him time from typing data on the computer. Joystick Used for playing games. They are ideal for moving and making selections quickly. Disabled people use specially designed joysticks that can be operated by the foot or mouth. No John brown did not require a joystick. He does not need one because joystick is mostly for games and joystick are usually big so it will take space on a desk. ?? ?? ?? ?? Atinuke Loremikan Cand.no:0133 Centre No: 12914 The Douay Martyrs Unit 3: Hardware and software GNVQ ICT ...read more.

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