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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 712

Installation Testing.

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Installation Testing To make sure that the database is functioning properly, some tests should be done to check if the database is working Test 1 When the program starts up, after the password screen, an enter box should appear When this appears, you should click ENTER DATABASE When this is clicked, the main menu should appear Test 2 Adding data To make sure that forms and tables are working, you should add some data into some of the forms Test - on the main menu, click ORDER FORM When the form appears, click on the ADD NEW ORDER button Then the form should appear as blank as above, then here is some sample data to test, once u have input this data, click the forward button, and if no error messages appear, then the test was successful Here is some ...read more.


ITEM button Then insert the information accordingly and the stock information will be stored Backing Up Instructions Backing up when database is not running In the case where there is a problem with the system and you have to backup the databasem, you will have to copy the database Microsoft access file from the directory where the database was installed The default directory where the database is installed when you first installed the database, is C:\Program Files\Furniture Emporium Database\database.mdb To backup the database you will have to copy the database.mdb file to the relevant backup device eg. Floppy Disk Backing up when database is running When Microsoft access is open, and you want to backup the database onto eg. floppy disk or a zip disk Click on file, export Choose the directory Then click on SAVE ALL and the database will ...read more.


To see the name of the original file, click the object, and then click OLE/DDE Links on the Edit menu. The original file name appears in the Links box. If the file has been renamed or moved, click the link in the Links box, and then click Change Source to reconnect the link. Problem 2 I want to see the content of my object in my form or report, but I see an icon instead. 1. Open the form in Design view or the report in Design view. 2. Click the icon. 3. On the Edit menu, point to the appropriate Object command (for example, point to Worksheet Object for a Microsoft Excel object), and then click Convert. 4. In the Convert dialog box, clear the Display As Icon check box. Problem 2 ...read more.

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