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interactive presentation

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Analyse The interactive presentation I am making is to help the customers find their way around the shop and get the information needed to access it efficiently. I will actually need a computer to make it; there is also various different hardware that I will need to use in order for my presentation to work, a keyboard is needed for me to enter in text symbols and numbers onto the interactive presentation, the keyboard enables me to make changes to amend my work while making the presentation. The keyboard is also needed for the user so they can type in items to look for. ...read more.


When the presentation is being viewed it would have the best graphics effect if viewed on a flat screen monitor, but if the presentation is to be viewed on a concave monitor then the effects will not seem to be the best quality. A colour monitor is essential for best viewing qualities as you will able to see the effects and colours that were used to make the presentation interesting. A hard drive is needed so that I can store and save my work I can also make copies of my original copy for back up, this is just in case something might happen to the original a back up is ...read more.


I may also want to use a microphone to add speech in areas of my presentation Speakers will also be needed so that I can test the sound effects. The user will also need speakers so that they can endure the quality of the sound effects. I need a colour printer so that I can print of my final presentation and for some user testing. A printer is also needed so that I can print of any developments that I have made. The user might want a printer to get information from the slideshow but this is optional, printers to use would be an inkjet printer or a laser printer, laser printers offer a better quality but they are much more expensive and inkjet printers do the job well. ...read more.

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