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Internal and external methods of communications for Marks and Spencer's.

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Task 4 For this task I will find out about the different communications within Marks and Spencer. I will find the internal and external methods of communications for Marks and Spencer's. Communication is basically the interaction between people, which focus on the transfer of information. The internal methods of communication which marks and Spencer's come across within the firm, staff and employees are: E-mail, Memos, Face to Face, Notices, Sharing data base and Team briefing. The above are the types of communication used in Marks and Spencer. The external sources of communication which Marks and Spencer's comes across within the firm through mainly stakeholders, customers, suppliers etc are: E-mail, Business to customers, Mail, Letters, Advertising, Meetings, Fax, Arranging conferences, the Internet and the Websites of all leading brokers. ICT, which is known as information communication technology. Is helping Marks and Spencer's a huge deal as it is providing them with good communication skills. The use of ICT internally for Marks and Spencer's is the use of mainly the Internet and E-mail because this uses both internal and external sources of communication. It has managed to replace communications like letters because it is quicker to receive and also it could be cheaper. The reason why people are starting to use the Internet and E-mail is because it is faster and much more reliable. ...read more.


Marks and spencers.com this is good because it gives you a lot of information about the company also you can e mail them and get what ever information you want because they get your mail within minutes and they will send you back with what ever you want to know. ICT has had a big impact on Marks and Spencer's because when the company first started they had nothing there was no technology to spread the companies information about except for newspapers and the only method of ICT they had was radios. Coming in to the year 2000 there has been a lot of changes like there is the Internet where you can spread your information by using E mail because if you are in one country like Marks and Spencer's head office is in France so all they have to do is E mail the head office and they will get the information and received back to the company with in minutes. There is also fax machines where you can send information using paper and now every has a mobile phone so you can contact a person if they are out. There is new technology coming out all the time like you got flat screen T Vs and DVD players where you can play a film on a disc. ...read more.


Since using ICT I think the performance of Marks and Spencer's has been good because their communication has got better as employees react quicker to their job or what ever they have to do because all they have to is leave a quick message and they just carry out the job. I think this is a good advantage to the company because they get their work done quicker and this way they don't have to keep the customers waiting as they product can be sent down quicker and this way it keeps the customers happy. The people who Marks and Spencer's communicate inside the business managers to employees this is because they want them to do a job on a different level or they want them to do something. The only other communication inside the business is if the manager wants to talk to another manager from another branch. The people who Marks and Spencer's communicate out side the business are customers because they buy the products of them. They also communicate with people who deliver the products to their business. This is one of their main communications because the deliver the products to them so it is important that the communication is good between Marks and Spencer's and its customers. ...read more.

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