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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1947

Introduction for a Software

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NAME OF SCHOOL School Analysis & Breakdown of the Project KONG, Alan C Alan [Pick the date] Analysis & Breakdown of the Project Description of the problem Football had always been one of the most popular sport in NAME OF SCHOOL shown by the long tradition of playing football for more than 110 years. The school runs nine teams: 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, U16 A and B, U15 A and B, and U14 A and B, I had played for the U14 A 2 years ago .Fixtures usually takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday against other school or even football academy in some cases. NAME OF SCHOOL has twelve pitches and they have been kindly acknowledged by many of our opposition schools as the best on the circuit. Certainly the 1st XI pitch, with the School as its backdrop, is a magnificent facility and regularly hosts the annual match between the Northern and Southern Independent Schools, as is the case in 2009. Last season NAME OF SCHOOL also hosted an Academy fixture between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Not only does NAME OF SCHOOL have one of the best secondary school team in the midland shown by the fact both our senior and juior teams were able reach the final in the Independent Schools Football Association (ISFA) competition, the players are also coached by some of the finest teachers a school could asked for. The two teams I will be focusing on in this project are the 1st XI and the 2nd XI, the 2 ...read more.


table that contain all the information about the player such as the position they prefer to play, their phone number and their availability. This layout should be for entering data rather than presenting the data which is the function of a related report that I will create in addition to this layout. -Output Photo of the player Note about the player -Input All the information about the player such as his phone number and his age would be input as this is information that is being entered. However it can also be classified as out, should the user decide to look at the fields in the record. Match Report - as the name suggest, this table contain all the information about the fixture, such as the venue or the time of the fixture. Coaches can review and analysis all the reports throughout the season and evaluate how the team had perform. Moreover the coaches can reflect this back on team and shows them what they have been doing well or bad at. Input - Information about the fixture e.g. the time and the venue -The actual Match Report Output -All the information especially the match report, should the coaches decide to go over them again Team selection - the table that allow the user to pick the best team for the oncoming fixture and be printed off as a team sheet to remind the player what position they are playing. ...read more.


their phone number); those stats in Player profile will have to be changed. And as pupil will leave or join the school every year, some of their profile will have to be added/ removed from the database. Homepage will always be different; date changes every day, Daily notice will always are different everyday and 'next fixture' will have to be changed every time the next match has been played. Training Programme could changes as the team progress and new weakness or strength could be discovered, that coaches might decide to design a training programme especially for that area. Training Programme could also changes simply because of the different date. Team selection could be used over and over again as some of the players might be injured and needed to replace by someone else or other players are more suitable for one particular match New record could be added to the Injuries and Unavailability Table when player are getting injured Desired Outcome The system should be professionally personated, using font that is easy to read and in an appropriate size. The system should be easy to use and navigate around. The system should be well structured; some of the table should be linked together using hyperlinks or buttons. Using colour where it is appropriate to make certain fields' standout and makes the system looks more attractive No fields in the database should be left blank Each Player should have their own unique ID in case the system mixed up player that has the same name. All the scripts and calculation must work. Some of the fields could be linked between tables to reduce duplication.. ...read more.

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