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Investigate an organisation and produce a report on:(a) the different purposes for which the organisation uses ICT(b) the ICT system used in the organisation and how it meets theneeds identified in (a).

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Unit 2 Coursework (a) Investigate an organisation and produce a report on: (a) the different purposes for which the organisation uses ICT (b) the ICT system used in the organisation and how it meets the needs identified in (a) The Purpose for which (name of organisation) uses ICT Organisation - Name of Organisation Size (staff/customers) - Number of full and part time staff. Number of customers per day. Aims - Aim of the organisation - what kind of service/product are they providing, how are they providing this service/product. E.g. Sainsbury's aim is to serve their customers to the best ability and provide them with good quality, reasonably priced food. They also aim to make a good profit at the end of each year. ...read more.


Hardware - Give a description for each one. Input Devices - Keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone, recording interview, smart card Output Devices - Monitor, Printer, Loudspeaker- custom bordcast, fax Processors - CPU (Central Processing Unit), Motherboard, Modem, Network Storage - Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, RAM, ROM Software - What Operating system is used within the organisation and what are the benefits. Also which Application Software is used? Ms dos- use friendly, soft ware -to operation system, java sprict- programming- caulateing befint , window 2000- letter, excel- caulation, chart, access- to put data, speed sheet- arrears of benefits. Unit 2 Coursework (b) How (name of organisation) uses ICT Introduction - Description of organisation, how is ICT used within the organisation and how is ICT used to meet the needs of the organisation. ...read more.


Input/Output Devices, Processors, Storage, CCTV cameras, mobile phones. Software - Give a detailed description of each used and how they are used within the organisation. Operating System, Application Software e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher. Stock replenishment software e.g. SABRE Systems The use of ICT within the different areas of the organisation Sales - How is ICT used within Sales. E.g. Point of sales, Internet - online shopping. Purchasing - How is ICT used within purchasing. E.g. how does the organisation order stock, is there a stock control system? Finance - How is ICT used within Finance. E.g. the payroll system, budget forecasts. Conclusion - How does the system as a whole satisfy the purposes in section (a) - Overall, is the system effective - Is the use of ICT meeting the needs of the organisation - What improvements could be made Unit 2 ICT in Organisations GCSE Applied ICT Page 1 ...read more.

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