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´╗┐OCR National Unit8 AO3 Abdul Investigate how e-commerce has affected the way people buy goods and services What is e-commerce? E-commerce (electronic commerce), e-commerce is when transaction made online by telecommunications networks. E-commerce is business or government website where they sell stuff or you can transfer money to each other, e-commerce is made by credit card fund from the bank. E-commerce website is not always shopping you can send money to people around the world or receive money. Here are the examples of e-commerce Business to Consumer (B2C) Businesses selling to the general public through catalogue utilizing shopping cart software. 1. Business to Business (B2B) Companies doing business with each a manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers 1. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Example of consumer to consumer is EBay?s auction service is a great example of where person-to-person transactions take place every day since 1. m-Commerce ( mobile transactions) M-commerce is buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld. ...read more.


Paypal is well none and most e-commerce shopping website accepted Paypal as a payment method because it well none. Barclays online banking: Barclay online banking you can send and receive money from around the world, you can also check your bank statement, and Barclay?s online banking is very secure. Tesco online shopping: The purpose of shopping online with Tesco is to buy stuff and is much easy to search for what you want instead. How has e-commerce impacted on? Does e-commerce give people more choice? E-commerce has impacted the choice of people have by giving them more choices, because people who use e-commerce have find it easy to search for what they want, and its fast for some people, because it depends on the delivering or sending. People have a lot of choices when using e-commerce you have a lot of choices because you can search around and there is thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet, say example if you looking for a Mac laptop and you found it expensive on one website and you ...read more.


It?s a competition between all e-commerce website so they all customers to shop from there, the cheaper the better. But it?s not always like this, some e-commerce website have high quality product and some people want high quality and expensive product. And others want cheap product. When shopping with e-commerce you can compare different website and see which one is cheaper and witch one is best for the product you want to buy. Is it easy to search for the item you want? When using e-commerce you can search for what you want in just one click and it will bring up what product you looking for, e-commerce is fast when looking for the product because you can just get what you want with just one click in a supermarket you have to walk and search for it. Does e-commerce makes shopping more Flexible? Yes it does because when you busy and you can?t go to the shop to buy the product, you can just order it online in 5minuites. It makes people life a bit easy for people who are always busy and working. ...read more.

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