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Investigate the use of Internet as a method of shopping for families.

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INTERNET SHOPPING Coursework Title: Investigate the use of Internet as a method of shopping for families. Possible titles: 1 Able to be accessed 24 hours per day. 2 Makes time for commitments. 3 Provides access to an extensive range of products. 4 Quick ways to compare products and services from different shops. 5 Consumers must have a debit or credit card to buy online. 6 Convenient for those who have difficulty getting to shops. 7 Delivery charges. 8 Able to try on clothes or other personal goods at home. 9 Less packaging- food delivered in crates. 10 Must be at home to receive it. 11 Useful for people with disabilities. 12 use of internet shopping for those who may live far from Shops (countryside) or those who have a disability Or people who are old and con not access transport. 13 May be tempted to buy unnecessary goods. 14 No need for vendors and no pressure to buy 15 Enjoyment of retail shopping lost I have chosen to research the usefulness of internet shopping able to be accessed 24 hours per day. I have selected this issue as some people do have difficulty accessing everyday services (shops, banks or post offices). ...read more.


They also state that with the increase of online shopping malls, consumers can now look for goods from everywhere around the globe. In short, they say there are no geographical borders on the online world, so customers and sellers from all over the globe can get together and interact. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of products available online. They then state that some people enjoy the ability to shop on line 24 hours a day as they are shy to purchase products such as lingerie and hair growth shampoo at real shops. These shoppers will be able to buy their desired items online while remaining anonymous and they do not have to feel uncomfortable as zero face-to-face contact will happen. (Accessed on the 17 of February 2011 from http://www.thetechfaq.com/2008/09/29/top-reasons-why-people-shop-online/) Ezine articles also states that even before the recession consumers were realising the power of shopping online and the convenience of getting products delivered right to their door. Consumers are continuing to abandon high streets to look for better priced products online, as more people gain access to the internet. The most popular product bought globally over the internet is books. ...read more.


She also said that when shopping on line "I make sure I use official websites that can be trusted for example Sainsbury's. I also delete any card details at them bottom of emails from online sellers" I then asked my aunt the same question she said that "I use online shopping very rarely as I'm very conscious about the risk of internet fraud and common mistakes which can be very easily made and are problematic to resolve" I think she has this opinion because internet fraud is a big problem which has caught people for lots of money. She found this as she watches rogue traders which has shown people all the different types of frauds. She then went on to say "I would only buy necessary products such as household appliances." I believe in that this can be a big put off for online shoppers. According to ezine articles 5 ways to stay safe are: (Accessed on the 24 of February 2011 from http://ezinearticles.com/?Online-Shopping---Five-Ways-to-Stay-Safe-and-Smart&id=4918833) 1. Look for Signs of Online Sec. 2. Keep Your Browser Up to Date. 3. Don't Use Public Computers to Shop. 4. Never Enter Your Social Security Number Online. 5. Becareful when using Your Credit Card. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shane Mulcahy S1B Home Economics Coursework ...read more.

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