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Is the Internet A Useful or Evil Tool?

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Is the Internet A Useful or Evil Tool? With it's billions of pages that are available to anyone; I believe that the Internet is the most interesting and educational tool available today. However it has its advantages and its disadvantages, which I am going to examine in the course of this piece of work. The Internet was set-up by the Pentagon in 1957 and was run by the Advance Research Projects Agency. The main purpose was so that the data held on the computers at the Pentagon could survive a nuclear attack, by being downloaded to other remote computers not affected by such an attack. Throughout time this changed when the Internet was made available to more and more people. One of the main uses of the Internet today is "Electronic Mail". This has been researched and has been found to reduce the amount of postal mail. Surveys say that Postal Mail will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. Even now Postal Mail is described as "Snail Mail". This will cut jobs in this service and people will be unemployed. This could eventually make it more expensive to send a document by postal mail, as it would be very rare. ...read more.


Surely nobody could argue that the Internet is not good for finding family relations all over the word. For example in response to a query I searched for "Mc Callion" and found the family crest in seconds and a story of the family history I then used this to create mass booklets with the family crest on the cover. Then I used this, and printed out on a large page the Family Crest! Also I found a second cousin of mine who lives in Canada. He is interested in all the same things as I am and we keep in touch via E-Mail. If I hadn't had access to the Internet and used it in a positive way we would know each other. However the main advantage is online shopping. The Internet has a vast selection of shops that have great discount. Because you are not restricted on how far you can travel the world is at your fingertips, and because an Internet shop doesn't need premises or staff. So the shop can sell the products at a cheaper price. You also have a large selection of products from all around the world. For example I could order DVD Movies from America, before they come available in the UK. ...read more.


The Internet improves the facilities, which our computers offer. It gives the computer a connection to every other computer in the world, and even to some in space! People would describe it as, "A connection to the outside world." Without the Internet there would be no other way of updating your computer to make it faster and better. Without it the only method of sending a letter would be by post or fax, unlike e-mail, which is instant, a person could get in letter in less than three seconds. In conclusion I would like to say that I believe that the Internet is great, and I am an avid user of it. It gives us the chance to explore the places we never been before, we could have a visit to China then a visit to America; the possibilities are endless. You could have a relationship with someone who doesn't even speak your language and have more friends. You could earn money by having fun; it's much better than hard work. A teacher can even teach you over the Internet! Although the Internet has its bad points; it is very useful in other ways. If only there was a government to look after the Internet it would be a safer place to learn. I believe it is a most exciting invention and I cannot imagine my life without it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas Mc Hugh, 12I, English Coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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