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Background The topic I have chosen to present is gymnastics. I chose this topic, as it is a topic which appeals to me. At first I did not know an awful lot about worldwide events but now as a result of completing my presentation I know more. I chose gymnastics also as I wanted to show others how enjoyable it can be. Software The software I used for my presentation was Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the popular business and Internet presentation tool in the Microsoft office software suite. I also chose to use PowerPoint as it was the software that was available for use in school. I like PowerPoint as it enables you to add animation and effects to your slides and to use transitions between slides; this makes the presentation more interesting for the reader. Slide Creation At the start I set up a presentation by simply going to the start menu, looking in my core programs and double clicking on: When I did this a blank presentation automatically came up. ...read more.


To set the font and size of the title I went into Slide Master. I then highlighted the title and then clicked Format then Font. I selected Comic Sans MS size 28. I also selected Shadow from the section labelled Effects, and then clicked Ok. I did the same for the text but I used font size 26 and did not use the shadow. As I was in the master there was no need to select Apply to All. Special Effects Each slide comes in, in the same style which is newsflash. I applied this Slide Transition by going into the Slide Master by clicking View, Master, and Slide Master. I then clicked Slide Show, and Slide Transaction and I selected newsflash and Apply to All Slides. All the slides have the same Animation. The text flies in line by line from the bottom of the screen and this stays consistent for the whole presentation. ...read more.


Intended Audience My intended audience is children and teenagers. I chose this audience as gymnastics is something you need to start from an early age. I wanted to show people how interesting gymnastics is. My slides are bright and colourful with cheerful pictures, which would definitely attract children; it may also catch the eye of adults too. The language used is quite simple and easy to understand for a child, though an adult would still read it perhaps passing on information about the sport to a relative with children. Consistency I presented my information in a consistent way. I used my Master Slide to help me with this. I changed the majority of things in this section which meant it was consistent for the presentation. I wanted my work to be consistent so that people would not get districted by text and pictures flying in from different places each time a slide would appear. Concentration would be held solely by the message the slides are conveying. G.C.S.E. Information & Communication Technology Leanne Quinn 4B - 1 - ...read more.

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