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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2687

IT Coursework~The importing of clothing are too slow at the moment, especially jeans.

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AQA GCSE ICT Specification B Title of Project [Note that this can be in the form of a logo] * Name: Gary Wong ` Candidate Number: [Enter Number Here>O<''] Centre Number: 56400 =____='' Contents Description of the task to be attempted 3 Initial Problem Definition 3 Background to the company 3 Details of the current system 3 Analysis of the current system 3 Details of the task to be attempted 3 Analysis 4 Results of discussion with user 4 Possible Solutions 5 Specification of Solution 6 System Overview 6 Operational Scenario 6 Evaluation Criteria 7 Design of the ICT System 8 System Navigation 8 System Tasks 8 Screen Designs 9 Implementation 10 Hardware and Software Required 10 Data collection, data capture and input 11 Data verification and/or validation 12 Data and/or program structures 13 Output format 13 Testing 15 Evaluation Criteria 15 Test Plan 15 Testing Against The Test Plan 17 Evaluation 18 Evaluation of the system produced 18 Possible Refinements 19 Description of the task to be attempted Initial Problem Definition The first problem is the importing of new football items. The second is to get close to the fashion. To solve the problem of old fashioned Background to the company I am going to do a business of a football shop in London. It will sell different types of footballs, football boots, football shirts and other things related in football. My shop is intending to sell the newest items to teenagers. All the staff will have some training programs. Details of the current system It is a famous shop in London Central. ...read more.


Balance calculate 9. Enter items bought 10. Enter quantity 11. Enter delivery cost 12. Enter cash, credit card or cheque 13. Enter discount 14. Enter paid 15. Check entered details 16. Print invoice 17. Save the sales 18. Go back to sales page Screen Designs Quote page Screen Designs Main menu Screen Designs Components page Implementation Hardware and Software Required Hardware Required It can either be a laptop or a desktop. The company will need the following: A PC, with a flat screen. CD-Rom or DVD Drive. Keyboard and Microsoft mouse. Colour laser Printer or ink jet printer. A CD burner drive. Software Required The desktop will need the following requirements: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack. Installed with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook Windows Server XP Service Pack 3.(SP3) Intel Pentium 233-MHz or faster professor. 128MB or greater; optional installation files cache. Requires an additional 200MB of available of available hard-disk space; optional installation of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 requires an additional 190 MB of available hard-disk space. Justification of Hardware Choices Colour laser Printer. To print some high quality of invoice and paper. Internet requires dial-up or broadband Internet access. Local or distance charges may apply. PC with 300 high professor speed, 233 MHz minimum required Intel Pentium or Celeron 128 megabytes of RAM 1.5 gigabytes of available hard disk drive space. Super VGA(800x600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor. Printer: to print quotes and invoices. A laser jet or ink jet is cheaper and do not cost a lot to run. ...read more.


Enter customer budget in cell B28. 2. Select components 3. Frame in dropdown in cell B11-B14.(football boots) 4. Frame in dropdown in cell B18.(team shirts) 5. Frame in dropdown in cell B21.(socks) 6. Frame in dropdown in cell B24.(shin pads) 7. Select quantity for each one. 8. the total will appear at the end of each item. 9. select delivery cost. 10. net cost will appear in B36. 11. gross total will appear in B38. 12. select paying method in B39. 13. put in paid money in F34. 14. give the changes appear in F35. Completing Customer details. 1. Type in Customer name in cell B3. 2. Type in membership number in cell B4. 3. Type in telephone number and mobile number in cell B6 and B7. 4. Choose if they want to delivery service. 5. Press print invoice button, quote will print twice, one for the customer, one for backup purposes. New Customer To reuse the model simply repeat the steps above with the new customer requirements. Updating components Go to components sheets. To add a new components type in descriptions at the blank entry in the appropriate column and the price in the next column. For example a new frame must go on cell ______ with the price in______/ Close down system 1. Go to file pull down menu 2. Select exit 3. When prompted whether to save choose yes. Technical Aspects Formulas.. as follows.. Change discount =Cell E11 (0.05 change to 0.1) Total =Column D * Column C * Column E. ?? ?? ?? ?? Enter Name Here (Enter Candidate Number Here)..=__='' GCSE ICT (O) Coursework coursework template gcse 2007 (Revision 65) Monday, 07 May 2007 Page 2 of 30 ...read more.

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