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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3367

IT coursework.

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AQA GCSE ICT Specification B Pimp Your Shoe Name: Elliott Rowland Candidate Number: [Enter Number Here] Centre Number: 51347 Contents Description of the task to be attempted 3 Initial Problem Definition 3 Background to the company 3 Details of the task to be attempted 4 Analysis 5 The Current System 5 Results of discussion with user 6 Possible Solutions 6 Specification of Solution 8 System Overview 8 Operational Scenario 9 Evaluation Criteria 10 Design of the ICT System 11 System Navigation 11 System Tasks 11 Screen Designs Error! Bookmark not defined. Implementation 12 Hardware and Software Required 12 Data collection, data capture and input 12 Data verification and/or validation 12 Data and/or program structures 12 Output format 12 Testing 13 Evaluation Criteria 13 Test Plan 13 Testing Against The Test Plan 15 Evaluation 16 Evaluation of the system produced 16 Possible Refinements 16 Description of the task to be attempted Initial Problem Definition Pimp Your Shoe(c) (P.Y.S) is a company based in London which makes customised shoes to the customer's requirements. P.Y.S has many different designs to put on shoes. This can involve colours, picture, logos and engravings. P.Y.S can guarantee your shoe will be unique and different in a good way to everyone else's. P.Y.S offer affordable prices and are flexible on shoe design, P.Y.S are willing to do a little bit extra and create something special. Shoes are collected at the store and can be collected in four hours or they can be delivered for an extra charge of �3. P.Y.S offer a promotion, that if you get your shoe Pimped then you can get another pair customised to your liking with a 20% discount. At this moment in time, P.Y.S is a small company using a paper based data base, this can be very confusing as the paper can be misplaced or filed incorrectly, it can be damaged and it is difficult to look for paper documents that P.Y.S have used a while ago. ...read more.


* You should tell the customer how long the project will take and when it will be ready. * A deposit should be asked for and when the deposit should be handed in too the company. * The final price of the project should be stated and it should be broken down to say how much each bit cost. * VAT. * Labour Charge. * Post and Packaging. * The companies details, if there are any problems that they want to solve or anything that the customer wants know about, an address and phone number will be given * Terms and Conditions. Input Requirements Pre-Programmed Data The different choices are: * The colour of the material of the shoe. * The colour of the lace. * The colour of the base. * The fabric of the material. * The design printed onto the shoe. * The colour of the design printed on the shoe. * Where the design is printed on the shoe. * The size of the design on the shoe. * The size of the shoe. * The colour of the shoe. * The make of the shoe. Data Entered by User * First name * Surname * Address * Phone number * Postcode * Date of Birth * Delivery requirements * The design going to be printed on the shoe. * The colour of the design on the shoe. Processing Required * Create Invoice automatically * Grand Total-20%=Deposit * The total prices of the choices and the labour charge/ 12.5%=VAT * Grand Total/10%=Labour Charge * Delivery charge, Yes/No - If yes then it will be added onto total. * Price of choices+VAT+Labour Charge+Delivery charge (if needed) = Grand total * Request for a deposit * A Thank you message. * Customers choices will include: * Colours * Patterns * Material * Designs * Accessories * Laces * Size * For every choice made by the customer, quote the price of it. ...read more.


The customer will then be told about the prices and that an invoice will come in the post. If the customer is not happy then the employee will press a button and it will say "change options". All the personal details will be kept but the choices will be able to be changed. When the customer is satisfied, the employee will click the finish button and it will be saved. An invoice will be printed out ready to send to the customer and it will all be backed up later. Evaluation Criteria Criterion Number Criterion Justification 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Design of the ICT System System Navigation System Tasks Implementation Hardware and Software Required Hardware Required Software Required Justification of Hardware Choices Justification of Software Choices Data collection, data capture and input Data verification and/or validation Data and/or program structures Output format Testing Evaluation Criteria [Copy the table from the Specification Section in here] Test Plan Norm = Normal Data Ext = Extreme Data Inv = Invalid Data Test Number Criteria to Test Details of Test Expected Results 1. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 2. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 3. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 4. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 5. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 6. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 7. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 8. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 9. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: 10. Norm. Norm: 1. Ext. Ex: 1. Inv. In: Testing Against The Test Plan Evaluation Evaluation of the system produced [Copy the table from the Testing section - delete the contents of the Justification column and rename it Evaluation] Possible Refinements Possible Refinement Benefit to the user ?? ?? ?? ?? Elliott Rowland (Enter Candidate Number Here) GCSE ICT Coursework - AQA Specification B Short Course coursework template gcse 2007-1 (Revision 20) Thursday, 18 June 2009 Page 4 of 18 ...read more.

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