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IT Database Identify Section

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Identify * Background of Business My database is going to be about a pet shop. It is called "Paws'n'Claws". It is a large pet shop with many breeds of different species. It is not a chain but has one large store that is 14000 square meters of floor space over two floors and employs 180 staff for a range of jobs including pet care, stacking shelves, working the till, assisting employees, filing or managing. It is located in South West London. The pet shop has members with different levels of membership. They receive a percentage discount on certain discount on certain pet shop accessories. The pet shop sells a range of animals plus breeds and crossbreeds of those animals. It also sells accessories that are adapted especially for each animal breed and size. If you buy a pet and become a member at that point you get percentage discounts for every accessory that is adapted especially for that animal. * The System When somebody comes in to buy a pet in the shop they choose the pet and that pet has a price which they pay at the cash register. ...read more.


The shop records are all kept in paper copies in the form of receipts and records of purchases, memberships and pet check ups. These records are made by filing staff but an immediate record must also be made by the till staff. All records must be kept due to tax requirements, mandatory pet shop requirements from the NPSA (National Pet Shop Association) and also just for personal shop records. * Drawbacks of the Current System One drawback of the current system is that members of staff require a lot of training to be able to remember the species and all the implications that come with buying those animals. The staff member needs to learn every animal and whether check ups are needed; how often those check ups are required; what type of accessory the animals must come with and also some must learn how to use the membership card reader. This training is time consuming and mistakes can easily be made. The information they currently must know is stored in a word document and is distributed to all staff members. This is a waste of paper and is bad for the environment. ...read more.


The database would be free to make and the PDAs would have little to no running cost, unlike the Blackberries that would cost money to run the internet on them. * User Requirements o Must store members' information such as contact details, address, transaction history, pets owned, check ups required, date of last check up, unique member ID, date of birth and membership type. o Must store animals' information such as breed name, size, weight, colour, price, mandatory accessory requirements, check up requirements and unique pet ID o Must store accessories' information such as price, pet aimed at, eligibility for percentage discounts for members and unique accessory ID. o Must link members' information with what they have the right to discounts on. o All viewable tables, queries, forms and reports must be clear and viewable on any size screen. o Must be easy to use with little to no training required for even staff with no experience of IT based tasks. o Have a field for "current date". o Send letters to those that have not visited the store in the last month telling them about any offers that may be on in the shop at that time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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