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IT GCSE Project 1: Hardware

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The Task

My task is to produce a data handling system for a dental practice system.

This will handle all the details about patients, dentists, and appointments and make them easy to edit, delete or enter the records. Also the dental practice system should be able to manage the data stably without causing any disturbance to the main processes. The hardware should also be efficient enough to be able to collect and re-arrange data without causing the system to slow down which may affect the business and could lead to database corruptions and system failures. The system should also have enough data to be able to create many database backups without disturbing the functions of the dental practice system.


There are specific requirements for my data handling system software to be ran by my hardware efficiently. I have looked through various types of adverts like over the internet, newspapers and magazines to find a system that fits my requirements.

  • I require the speed of the processor to be 800 Mhz i thought that this was standard, the reason I did not increase this was because it is reasonable for my database.
  • I require the RAM (random accessing memory) to be 1024 MB this would be enough to keep the database running efficiently without the computer either crashing or becoming slow.
  • I require the storage space on the hard disk to be 80 GB, even if the database became high in memory, 80GB will be able to cope with the memory of the software.
  • I require the monitor to be colour and at a recommended standard 17” TFT screen, there is no specific reason to increase the size of the monitor. But it should not be decreased because I want the screen to be as clear as possible.
  • Requires standard wired 2 button mouse with scrolling wheel for quicker use, standard wired keyboard.
  • I have discarded the sound card, graphics card in my requirements because there is no use for these pieces of hardware in the dental practice database.
  • I require several external hard drives to backup all the files of the database in-case it becomes corrupt. the minimum space of  the external HD should be 5GB and I require it to be increased if the database needs more space. I shall need around 7 of these for each day and re-write the 7th day to continue a cycle.
  • I shall require a printing facility to print out invoices or any other important documents. I recommend a Espon Stylus D120 because it is ideal for small businesses and prints 2x faster than a standard Inkjet printer, and has a high capacity of Black Ink for long-lasting text document printing.
  • The system doesn’t need any modem or internet connection and there isn’t any need for LAN network either because all the files and data will be kept on one single computer. So no additional hardware will be required.
  • I will require a few USB 2.0 ports for the external hard disks and for a few other components.

Priyank Patel 10.02

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