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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2276

IT Implementation

Extracts from this document...


Implementation I will be explaining below, how I made the database and several different key elements which make up the database of the Car Rental firm. In order to create my tables and files for the car rental system I first had to create the database.: After I opened Access I was presented with a blank screen and I selected 'Create a New File': After that I selected 'blank database' and a save screen appeared so I named my database and saved it to my pendrive: I then created the database with a suitable file name: Then the main database window opened up which gives me the ability to create tables, forms, reports and queries: Creating the Member's Table I start off in the Main Database Menu and make sure it is in table and then double click the 'Create Table in Design View' which creates the table in design view where I can input all the data that I need: I then put my field names in the field names column: Once the data has been entered I need to alter the 'Data Type' as it is automatically set up by Access as 'Text'. Most of the fields are Text with the exception of 'Member_id', 'Date of Birth' and 'Number of cars previously rented' so it is relatively easy to change the ones that ...read more.


With the only difference being that I selected Tbl_Loans in the first step: The finished form looked like this: Customising the Loans Form Then I have to change the design of the Loans form to match the design of the form in the design section and to make the forms look professional and match the company's logo. Firstly I made sure that the form had no record selectors or Navigation buttons as I was going to create my own: I then changed the background of the form to blue: I then changed the font to Trebuchet MS, Size 12, colour white. I also made the background of the text box blue to match the background of the form and made all the text boxes the same size: I then added a title to make it more appealing: Next, I added the Navigation buttons: I then added the logo of the company that I am working for and the form was complete: Changing the Design for the Customer and Car Form I made exactly the same design changes for the customer and car form as I did for the Loans form. They ended up looking like this: I edited the forms to make them match the forms in the design, look professional and match the company's logo. ...read more.


I chose to create a table to show when the cars were made. For this I used Spreadsheet Software. Firstly I had to import data from my database: I went to data, import external data, then import data. I clicked on import data and this box appeared on the screen: This shows all the destinations that my data could be in. I went to the place where my database was and then opened it: A box showing all my tables comes up. I chose the table that I wanted to use (in this case Tbl_Car) and then opened it: This shows all the information that I have in my database. Using this I can select the information that I want for my graph: I then clicked on the chart wizard button and chose a column graph: I clicked next. After that, this is shown on the screen: I clicked on the series tab, this box then opens: I then clicked on the category X axis and chose the X axis category (in this case car name) and I then clicked next. It brings this screen up: From here I can enter the chart title and the labels for the X and Y axes. I then clicked finish; the graph appears on the spreadsheet: ...read more.

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