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IT Theory

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Modem Uses Digital lines are used for transmitting large volumes of data at a fast rate. Analogue lines are often used by single users with little data transfer, perhaps for a small amount of e-mail used over a conventional telephone line. Advantages and Disadvantages * Digital lines are more expensive to install than normal telephone lines and the line rental is higher. * Modems must be purchased for use with normal telephone lines. * There is much faster transmission rate typically found on digital lines because they have a higher bandwidth than an ordinary telephone line. Computer Networks A network of computers is when several computers have communication lines linking them. There are many types of computer network . One type of computer network is when we have many individual computers linked so that a message may be sent from one to another. Another type of computer network is when we have one main computer called a network server. This controls access to work areas which are usually stored on the network server. Uses A computer network is often used to allow users to share data and software. A typical example of where you will see a network in operation is in a bank or a supermarket. Cashiers in banks will have a computer on their desk, which can access the main network server computer so they can see your account. ...read more.


Electronic mail (E-mail) Electronic mail is when a message is sent from one person directly to another using computers which are connected to a network. There is a special computer which receives all mail and sorts it out, deciding which 'mailbox' it needs to go to. This is called a mail server and it acts a bit like a post sorting room. Each user has their own mailbox which is labelled with their own personal e-mail address. This means that this method of communication is very private. All sorts of documents can be attached to the email including pictures, sound, video etc. To be able to send e-mail, the user will need: 1. A computer processor 2. A communication link : using analogue or digital telephone lines; 3. Software to enable you to read, write, send and retrieve messages . This software may be purchased separately or may come as part of a package with other software; 4. An agreement with a service provider. This means that you agree to the terms and conditions that are given by the service provider. 5. an e-mail address can be provided by the service provider, for example, A.jones@hotmail.com , the email addresses are usually made up of your email identification for your mail box such as A.Hones, the '@' sign to indicate which place your mail box Is set up as such as 'hotmail.com' When a users computer is not ...read more.


This saves on traveling costs and on traveling time on the meeting. It is very convenient except that it is sometimes difficult to exchange ideas when people are not talking to one another face to face in one another's company. Video conferencing is similar to teleconferencing except that the people in the meeting can now see one another because video cameras are used. Desktop video conferencing systems are available which have the correct software, video and sound systems attached to them, often users can work on the same document. 1. Appropriate hardware. This may be simple multi-way telephone system for teleconferencing, or a more sophisticated hardware set up for videoconferencing. 2. Relevant software. 3. People to be available at the same time. 4. Systems which can work together. Uses Business meetings and academic groups will sometimes use this rather than setting up a location to meet, particularly if all the people involved are located a large distance away from each other. As computers are becoming commonplace and software to support teleconferencing has become more readily available, more people are beginning to use this facility; videoconferencing can be used to allow groups of children to participate in lessons from a distance. Advantages * Tele/Video conferencing saves on traveling costs and on traveling time to the meeting. Disadvantages * It's sometimes difficult for people to exchange ideas when they are not face to face with another person * Video conferencing equipment is very expensive * Over a distance synchronising sound and vision is technologically challenging. ...read more.

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