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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2816

Joe Scott is the entrepreneur of a new company selling sports goods. He has been a successful trader in Newbury for 3 years now. He is now looking for a new system to help him with the Business'. Expenditures.

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Spreadsheet coursework Identify Joe Scott is the entrepreneur of a new company selling sports goods. He has been a successful trader in Newbury for 3 years now. He is now looking for a new system to help him with the Business'. Expenditures. Up to now, he has been doing it manually on a form and keeping it in a folder. Joes Business is starting to do increasingly well, and he is looking to save some time. He feels that making a computerised accounting system will decrease the time he spends every month writing out all the expenditures for the month. Really though, he wants to make a computerised cash flow for his business. His main objectives therefore are: * To save time. He wants a much faster way of doing this because he feels it is getting very tedious to write up a list of products and prices each month. * To improve presentation. He thinks it is getting too messy as he is writing is manually. * He feels that if this way of accounting continues, it will become very space consuming after a few years, which is where a computer can help. Therefore, he feels that a computerised system will help him solve these problems What I need in the software I will use: *A table needs to be constructed. Information needs to be stored in cells, organised either by columns or rows. *An easy way to enter lots of similar data. Like a copy & paste function. *A calculations function. This is so that time doesn't need to be spent with a calculator. ...read more.


He will mainly add up all the prices of the stock he buys. My system will therefore work like this when Joe's shop sells something: 1. This is the also simplest, but probably most time consuming job in the process. Basically, Joe collects all the receipts he gets when he buys or pays for something. 2. At the end of the month, he adds up all the totals on those receipts, and enters it into the cash flow. The two methods are nearly identical, seeing as all the data ends up in a Cash flow, this doesn't really matter. Input, Process, Output Input Process Output * Details of items sold and bought entered into their corresponding tables * At the end of the month, those details are taken and entered into the cash-flow forecast using formulas. * More formulas are entered to help calculate totals * Formulas calculate data from several different cells and process that data into an answer. * Answers, as calculated by specific formulae, are displayed on screen * Printers can print out a hard copy of all data displayed on-screen Design Spreadsheet Designs I have made my designs for the spreadsheet after consulting with my end user. It looks the same as the original table he drew up by hand, because we felt that this was a good way of storing the information, and I said that this will work equally as well on a computer, with all the extra benefits I discussed earlier. Formulae Formulae can help me do multiple calculations that would take a very long time if you were to do it with a calculator. ...read more.


of time, seeing as he does not have to spend time with a calculator, working out different individual calculations * The spreadsheet is done monthly, meaning that Joe will only have to enter data once a month, saving him a lot of time. My Spreadsheet is not perfect, and also contains some bad points. Although to this I must add, that these points are not actually serious at all, and does not affect the performance of my spreadsheet. * It is not very presentable. It does not contain colour or any edited buttons. Have I met all the objectives I have set? Objective What I have done: I need to speed up the process of entering data into the cells. I have crated a spreadsheet which will help speeding up the process of entering data into the cells I need to speed up the process of calculating different formulae and data for the spreadsheet. I have entered formulae into several different cells which will do all calculations automatically To make the information more presentable and eye-catching to himself and possibly a bank manager. The information is much more neat now than before. The computer provided a presentable way of showing the data. To make calculations made more accurate. Seeing as formulae are used, all calculations will be correct. Correct to a certain amount of decimal places. As you can see, I have met all the objectives I set earlier. This means that very little can be wrong with my spreadsheet. At the end of this project, my end user did not suggest any changes to me, and therefore I feel that the making of this presentation was a big success. ...read more.

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