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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3008

Last year, my Uncle overtook the operation of a video shop called "Mercury Entertainment" in Garstang. I am involved because he had troubles running the shop, and he thought that the problems could be run using ICT.

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Introduction Last year, my Uncle overtook the operation of a video shop called "Mercury Entertainment" in Garstang. I am involved because he had troubles running the shop, and he thought that the problems could be run using ICT. I hope I will be producing solutions to problems that I have recognized, using ICT. I hope to achieve a re-usable system that someone else can use, that is free of bugs, and can do everything that is needed in the running of a video shop. I am hoping ICT can help me organize things quickly and accurately, to help my Uncle. Analysis Friends and customers of my Uncle have told him that the shop is not living up to its expectation. Having offered to create solutions using ICT, I will use this to run the business for a few days, and then if my Uncle thinks it is an improvement, he can use it full-time on his own. I am going to make the business system successful, and re-usable, and let my Uncle carry on running the business, with instructions on how to use the system. The video shop is run simply at present. The application form is photocopied, and the letter is written out every time, this causes lots of time to be wasted. When people do not return a video, the letter to the defaulter is written out by hand, causing lots of time and effort to be wasted. In addition, the video, rentals, and customer lists are done by hand and it is time-consuming to look through and hard to update neatly. The videos are also not organized in any particular way, and my Uncle had to look through hundreds of videos before he found the one that the customer wanted. Furthermore, a problem with the running of the shop is that it has not been noticed very well, and not many people have signed up for membership. ...read more.


I would also have to create the input areas of each list. Task 1a Input For this task: * I will need the name of the business - Mercury Entertainment. * I will need some picture that I am going to use - which are - planet that could resemble the Mercury name and a video, which resembles the entertainment. * I will need to insert text to attract customers to rent videos. * I will need to use boxes, big enough for letters of text, to capture data. Output I am hoping my solution to provide me a logo that I can use in all the bits and pieces to do with the video shop. For example, it would go on the letter, the front-end, and the application form. This will enable people to identify the video shop distinctively. Criteria for Success For a successful solution, I would be looking for my logo to: * Enable customers to set apart the video shop by means of this logo. * Be easy to replicate, so that I can put it on the material quickly. * Look professional, so that the business gets a good reputation. There are several ways that I could produce the logo: * I could produce it using a word processor like MS Word, it could do the job, at the end of the day, but I do not think it would give me the specialized aspect that I want to achieve, and does not include as much publishing tools as other programs. * I could produce it using a paint package, like MS Paint, but this is a very basic program, and does not feature some tools I would require. * I could use a desktop publishing program like Serif Page plus eight, this is a good program, which could get the job done fully, and help me to tweak the logo to perfection. ...read more.


* It should have a simple layout, but still be professional, in the case of a customer looking at it. * It should be quick so that if a customer comes in to rent a video, the user is not wasting half the time putting a new member in. * It should be simple and quick to use. * It should automatically add the information to the customer list, so that it can be used straight away, if they want to rent a video. I will have to use the same program as the lists, because a front-end can only be built while linked to the lists, so it would have be the same program. Most of the tasks will share the same information. Well they will be based around the same three lists, anyway. I will need to complete the list task before the others (except of the advertising task) because they are all centred on the lists. The data capture form is the input, which provides all the information in the customer list. On top, the initial logo task is the key to the creation of the data capture form, for example, there has to be a logo to recognize from which video shop the data capture form is. The front-end also links up the lists, and provides a simpler input mechanism for the employee in the shop. It will be surface of the solutions. It will provide a link so that you will have to go to the front-end before you can do any task. For example, to input some data to the customer list, you will have to click on "New Member" on the front-end, and then it will load the input window. (This is presuming it is on the user interface and not actually programming the system). I have decided that I cannot complete the work on links between different parts of my solution until I have finally chosen suitable software in my design. System flow chart for creating a new customer record Analysis of Final Project Michael Boulter 11.7 ...read more.

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