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Law relating to the Internet

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Chris Bryce - Writing Piece Words - 668 The Internet is a large network, a global connection of many computer networks and single computers connected together to share information. It was originally designed and developed by a US defence organisation and has now grown into a worldwide network of networks. The main problem people see with the internet is that it is not regulated and controlled or owned by anyone. It can be freely accessed by anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Since the Internet is not owned by anyone or any organisation then there is some disagreement over who regulates and can control the content of the Internet. This can lead to many problems; the main being that minors can have access to unsuitable material such as pornography and scenes of violence etc. ...read more.


They can be accidentally downloaded from the Internet as these programs can be disguised as other files. The Data Protection Act (1998) was set up to make sure that any information stored electronically is kept accurate and up-to-date so that incorrect data is not stored on computer systems and that the data stored is only relevant to the organisations needs. It also means that anyone or any organisation wanting to store information on people have to register with the Data Protection Act Registrar so they can be known as official data holders and they must make sure that the data stored is always kept accurate. The Copyright Act (1988) was passed so that no unauthorised copies of material are created and sold illegally. ...read more.


If for example you have children or minors who you believe can access unsuitable material then there is plenty of software and programs available to help monitor and restrict access to certain websites and areas. These programs can filter out and block certain levels of content and can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Some people complain that when they search for some innocent topic using a search engine they are bombarded with pornographic adverts and images. With use of these filtering programs and a little more common sense, encountering these unwanted occurrences shouldn't be a problem. In conclusion I believe the way the Internet operates at present, is fine, as with all the free filtering and blocking software available there shouldn't be a problem with minors accessing inappropriate material. ...read more.

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