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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2641

Leaflet design for Finding Nemo.

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Analysis Problem The manager of the well-known cinema Showcase has approached me. He has explained to me that the leaflets produced for his cinema are lacking in quality. There is a film about to be shown at his cinema and I have been offered to design and produce a leaflet advertising this film. This leaflet must be suitable to the target audience, must appeal to people, must attract people to this cinema and be really eye catching to passers-by. What's the film? The film that I will be researching and developing a leaflet for, is Finding Nemo. The story behind this computer-generated masterpiece revolves around the retrieval of a missing loved one. A tiny clown fish named Nemo is literally plucked from his home in the Great Barrier Reef and imprisoned in a Sydney dentist's aquarium, forcing his overprotective father to overcome his fear of the unknown and come and rescue him. This film is based to children with its computer generated graphics and cute characters, but also appeals highly to adults with its 'older generation' humour and real-time situations. The film is for both sexes. The film also appeals to all types of people, as it is not directed at a certain group. This film is for all. Layout of report For the layout of my report, I will keep it simple but effective. All the writing will be in comic sans, and in size 14. The titles will also be in comic sans but in bold and underlined. ...read more.


The film is based in the sea and it shows even the simplest change to the writing style can make quite a difference. The flyer is bold, simple but enough, and extremely eye-catching. It is a very well designed and good quality flyer. My only change would be to add a bit more writing, as it doesn't enable future watchers to know anything about the film. There is big font showing the title and when the film is released. This is good as it shows quickly and easily what and when the film is, which is perfect for a poster. This poster would appeal to the target audience as its big, bold and full of colour, just what little kids want to see. It also has humour for the adults, shown by the picture. I will be using research number 1. leaflet. This is because is explains the film well, and is an actual and reliable review done by a professional critic. I will not be using picture number 2., as it only shows one of the characters, which isn't the main one, and doesn't show enough detail. I will be using pictures 3 and 4, as they show a good level of detail and show a good selection of the main characters. Programme Advantages Disadvantages Word * Many formatting tools to help create neat presentation. * A good spell checker so everything is spelt correctly. * Tools to produce text and graphics on the page enabling easy formatting. ...read more.


If you save it 3 or 4 times, then even if something does go wrong, nothing will be lost as the work will of only just been saved into my password-protected computer. This is my screen dump of my coursework folder. It shows the path to my folder and were I save my work into. I can't stress enough how important it is to save my work at least 3 times per lesson as things can go wrong when you least expect or want them to. Health and safety There are 3 main problems Virus Protection. A virus is a programme that is written for one reason, to affect a computer in a harmful way. Viruses make copies of themselves; therefore adding to the harmful affect they have on a computer and computer system. Viruses move from computer system to computer system encrypting the files and damaging the software and system. My work is protected by Sophos. This scans everything on the schools network and deletes every single virus that it comes across. It is updated every day to scan for new viruses and anything harmful that enters the computer. Every computer needs a virus protection system as if there is no firewall (a wall blocking harmful programmes entering the computer) harmful programmes can destroy your files and stop the computer working altogether. A virus detector is a must. Questionnaire 1. Does my design leaflet contain sufficient information to advertise the film to its full potential? If not, what information needs to be added? 2. Is the layout of the leaflet presented in a style that is easy to understand? If not then what can be done to make it easier? 3. ...read more.

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