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Legal issues of e-commerce

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Legal and corporate issues The growth of e-commerce has enabled M&S to involve and expand their business from their stores to the world of internet. Marks and Spencer is increasingly using the internet for electronic commerce, selling goods to consumers and also offer a range of information about the available products and services. However selling and offering information on the internet brings with it a list of legal and corporate issues. These issues are designed in order to protect the customers from fraud of misuse of personal data and also laws to consider disabled consumers who may be using the internet site, therefore will require special features. M&S corporate identity, including the corporate logo design and the company corporate identity and branding is the most important information that this company can convey to its customers, therefore specific consideration are designed in regard of protecting the companies identity. ...read more.


These terms and condition inform the customers of the Data protection act considerations, which is designed in interest of the consumers comfort in the transaction, reassuring them that the details they provide is kept safe. M&S must include these terms and condition to reassure their customers that using their e-commerce will be safe and secure. M&S must also include a clear privacy policy explaining how they will use the information collected on the site. It is also crucial to contain a clear "conditions of sale" which includes details of when the contract is actually formed (E.g. the order represents the offer and the email back confirming dispatch represents the acceptance) to avoid any mistakes in price of description of an item. It is also very important to offer clear returns policy, reassuring the consumers that if they are not happy with what they have purchased and in case of damage to the product, they can return the product for a possible refund or exchange. ...read more.


As discussed in terms and condition they are liable to represent clear pricing including any delivery charges. M&S must also acknowledge receipt of the order as soon as possible. They must also offer facility to check and correct before submitting the transaction. They must finally offer printable and saveable terms and conditions of sale. DTI regulation must be obeyed, because these roles are designed for the comfort of customers, supporting them in making their choices, and answering all their possible questions. Dealing with a web agency The regulations and terms an condition that was mentioned, aren't just designed for the protection and reassurance of customers, they are also designed to protect the company. If an agency is building M&S site they need to have a website development agreement in place with them. Important things to include are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Copyright. Make sure the agreement states they are transferred to you otherwise your agency may retain copyright of your site. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task 10 Omid Ashrafi Unit 4 ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report does mention a number of laws that M&S has to take into account. However the report is lacking a detailed view of how these different aspects will be implemented within the website. The report doesn't mention ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report does mention a number of laws that M&S has to take into account. However the report is lacking a detailed view of how these different aspects will be implemented within the website. The report doesn't mention what M&S will have to do, to ensure these are followed. The section 'Data Protection Considerations' is quite weak. The report should state the eight different principles of the regulation, including a little information on why each of these principles are required of website owners. On the flip side, the section on 'terms and conditions' gives the examiner a detailed description of the reason to why M&S would need to implemented this legal requirement.

Level of analysis

The report uses the word 'corporate', although doesn't explain what there mean by this. I believe that if a person uses this word, this is their opinion and thus this needs to be explained. For example the report could include 'M&S's logo is quite corporate, due to the simplistic concept of the logo. There is a simple vibrant green and black text, and this looks professional, which makes this have a corporate feel to the website'.

Quality of writing

The report states within their opening paragraph the term e-Commerce, and there mention it stands for 'electronic commerce'. However this isn't very clear, as this isn't within the same sentence, and could potentially mislead the examiner. The student has done the work, it just needs to be presented in a suitable way. There's a few spelling mistakes within the report, such as 'puts down a serious of rules', this should state 'puts down a series of rules'. The term 'DTI' isn't explained within the report, and it's vital that all technical terms are explained within any report. This is due to that the examiner will need to understand what the report is saying, and the examiner may not have an in-depth knowledge of IT.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 22/02/2012

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