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GCSE: Legislation & The Legal Framework

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  1. The Legislation That Protects Individuals and Groups using IT. Use of It by myself and an adult in employment.

    This includes the right to see what personal information of theirs has been stored. The act also requires each respective organisation to protect the data that is stored from loss, theft or corruption. The act instils its law by convicting any who break the act to be fined and required to pay compensation to the data. In other serious cases, e.g. regarding a corrupt organisation, a jail sentence can be applied. Brief history of the Data Protection Act The Data Protection Act 1998 was a replacement and consolidation of the earlier Data Protection Act 1984 and the Access to Personal Files Act 1987.

    • Word count: 6079
  2. 3E-The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT

    One of the many examples of technologies used by her will be an electronic wheelchair. The technology has provided exciting opportunities to her because it has make certain that she is able to move about at will and carry out a number of task on a daily basis via the wheelchair i.e. shopping. Additionally, I have also written a report on the many technologies used by the community I live in. The technology used in Leyton has been very useful for the society living in this particular area including me. For instance, CCTV cameras being operated in the area has ensured the prevention of criminal proceedings for peace and safeness in the area.

    • Word count: 12524
  3. The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT

    - Data is not to be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area. The above principles are in place to protect the British Public, the government passed the law with the interest of the public at heart, after rising concern when there was an increase in the amount of data that was stored about people. This particular legislation is most applicable and relevant to Mr. Clements, the person I studied in Unit 3B, because he is responsible for a vast amount of data stored about clients, this data includes a range of things from home address to telephone number and from occupation to bank account details.

    • Word count: 3293

    Companies, government and other organisations began to use them to store large amounts of information about people, such as their customers, clients and staff .Database with this information can be quickly set up, searched, edited and accessed and take up less space than paper records. In recent day's organisations aren't allowed to keep data longer than until it is of any use to them, now you need permission and acknowledgement of the specific person for their details and you must explain to them the reasons you're asking for their personal details, how long the data is going to be kept

    • Word count: 9617
  5. Discussing legislation - Data Protection act, Copyright, Computer Misuse, Health and Safety at Work act, Health & Safety.

    The way legislation affects me: Legislation affects me in many ways as it prevents people from using something I have produced or I do not want them to use. Otherwise it helps me in online shopping as if I buy something online and pay for it and someone try' to hack my account I am able to go to the court and deal with the issue using the act. Here are examples of act which help me: Data Protection act 1.

    • Word count: 3215
  6. You have to explain how you have looked after the equipment and ensured its safety. You have shown how you have back up information. I have looked up my computer by starting it up

    These will help your computer run more efficiently. * Always use the Shut Down button to end your computer session. Just turning your PC off may, at the very least, lose or corrupt data in your files. Sitting Right and staying comfortable Sitting in a hunched or slouched manner wile using a computer may eventually lead to muscle, joint and back pain. Avoid these problems by remembering to sit correctly. Adjust the chair so that: * Your lower back is supported.

    • Word count: 3588
  7. Legal Aspects of Using Information Technology

    Viruses may be passed onto the computer in various ways. It may be passed onto the user's computer through the Internet, e.g. downloading an e-mail attachment and saving it to the user's hard disk. It may be passed onto the user's computer through the sharing of floppy disks from one computer to another. There are number of different viruses which are activated in various ways. Some may be activated by the internal clock and may start on a particular day, e.g. Friday 13th. Others may be activated when a series of conditions becomes true, e.g.

    • Word count: 3890
  8. Data Protection Act

    Regulation 2003 came into force 11th December 2003. The Information Commissioner's office mission how does he intend the directive to operate to work in UK. The completion of the report needs to be produced and handed in by Friday 30th April 2004. Executive Summary In this report It will cover all aspects of freedom if information and the need of security covering the Data Protection Act 1998 and the eight essential principles. By promoting good information handling practice and enforcing data protection and freedom legislation and by seeking the influences national and international thinking on privacy of information on medical records.

    • Word count: 7021
  9. The Data Protection Act 1998 - questions and answers

    'sensitive personal data' and restrictions on export of data to countries which do not have an adequate level of protection (all of which will be discussed later), the 1998 Act is very similar in structure and approach to the 1984 Act. Now is a good time to familiarise yourself with the differences. Who's who in data protection? The Data Protection Commissioner The Data Protection Registrar will become the Data Protection Commissioner under the 1998 Act. The Commissioner is responsible for maintaining the data protection register and enforcing data protection law in the UK.

    • Word count: 3933
  10. Legislation protecting people & groups.

    All data users who store personal information about other people on their computer systems must register with the Data Protection Commission. They must also follow eight principals, called the Data Protection Principals. 1. The personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully and, in particular, shall not be processed unless at least one of the following conditions are met: - The data subject has given their permission for the processing. - The processing is necessary for the performance of a contract which involves the data subject.

    • Word count: 3072
  11. Critically evaluate the extent to which it can be said that copyright law gives adequate and appropriate protection to contemporary works of art?

    So if the courts are satisfied that a contemporary piece of art work falls under section 4 1 (a) and it is either a graphic work, photograph, sculpture, or collage the artist will almost certainly obtain copyright and gain full protection over his or her work. This means that a Jackson Pollock painting made up of coloured squiggles is just as deserving of copyright protection as a very traditional landscape or self-portrait. What this formula ensures is that personal taste or preference is no bar to copyright protection. However we will see later that in fact although this may be true it is not always the case as opinions of certain judges on artistic work may alter the right to gain copyright altogether.

    • Word count: 3584
  12. Privacy and Data Protection: IT Law

    Fundamentally different approaches in the US and the EU Europe and the US have very different approaches to data protection and privacy. In 250 years, nations on each side of the Atlantic have evolved their democracies into distinct forms of society and market economy. Differences in culture, policies and society are the consequence. a.) Government Interference vs. Self-Regulation As discussed in seminar one, there is an ongoing dispute regarding the approach in choosing an apt legal framework for the public and transnational sphere of cyberspace: Some scholars want governments to interfere as little as possible, others see the need for a unified legal framework.

    • Word count: 6759
  13. Examining safety and security - accuracy checks

    Computer immediately signals an error, because none of the colours listed in the choice above starts with a 'p'. (OBTAINED FROM GNVQ I.T. INTERMEDIATE) Range check A field in a data base which has been designed for numbers can be limited within a set range with a maximum and minimum. The field can be limited within a set range, by giving a minimum or maximum figure or both. Computer Consultants Ltd. could include a range check for the computers it supplies. The models they normally supply range in price between �500 and �3,000. Therefore the minimum price could be set at 500 and the maximum at 3000.

    • Word count: 5122
  14. Planning and Deadlines

    Tabs can be useful when arranging columns. Indents Indents are sometimes used when starting a new paragraph and this involves starting the first word of the paragraph a few characters to the right of the usual margin. Other types of indents include hanging indents where the first line keeps the usual margin but following lines are indented. 1.3 Sensible filenames, why? The filename is just the first part of the file and is referred to the main related to what is in the documents.

    • Word count: 3963
  15. Data Protection Issues – Compliance Within Computing Organisations, The Causes, Effects and Consequences.

    Data Protection is not merely something with which large companies have to comply; "Data Protection affects a huge range of individuals and organisations, both in the public and private sectors" Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP, Home Secretary (British Computer Society, Conference 2000) Our chief concerns are the issues governing computing businesses or organisations that store and retrieve data in any way shape or form and the challenges, threats and implications this may pose to the successful deployment of technical resources.

    • Word count: 4127

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