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Legislation unit 3 part E

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Legislation that protects individuals and The group from the misuse of I.C.T There are many laws that have been imposed so that people don't misuse ICT. In this report I will explain some of these laws. I will try to show why these laws were introduced and what they do now to keep people from misusing these new technologies. Here are a few of the laws and acts that have been passed that have concern ICT: Data Protection Act 1998 The main purpose of this act is to prevent the misuse of personal data. All organizations that hold the data have to register its use, before using it. This includes organisations such as dentist, doctors, and hospitals etc. these organisations would hold records and data of their patient's details. They would also have to state what the information they have is and what they would use the information for. If the information is wrong it is because of the lack of care when it was compiled, and in some way has damaged the person's reputation, the person that this has happened could sue the company for the misuse of their personal data. ...read more.


On the other hand, data could be changed, like the balance of a bank account changed, details of driving offences deleted or an examination mark altered. Along with this if a virus is deliberately sent to a computer, it is also an offence under this category. The Copyright, Designs and Patients Act The copyright laws have been long protected the rights of authors, composers, artists etc. These also apply to computer software's you buy. When you have brought the software you have not brought the program, you have only bought the right to use the software under the terms and conditions of the license. If you attempt to copy or using the software without permission this could lead to criminal penalties, these penalties include unlimited fines and 2 years in prison, or both. Also this legislation links up with Stephan hawking. As many people copy his research and work without his permission, this is wrong. Without the users permission you cannot copy their work. This is called "copyright infringement". Preventing Copyrights Computer software companies now have realized about the software pirates, and now have inputted a new type of software in their old ones to prevent software pirates being sold. * The license agreement is now clearly printed on every package. ...read more.


Most types of legislations come with major consequences if broken or not anticipated. Many, which can be costly if data is damaged or destroyed, such disasters, may make your business insolvent, or affect you in the long term. The types of legislations that are introduced are aimed for the purpose to provide you with security of data. Whereby it helps data to be safe and secure so that it's out of reach of potential hackers. The legislation that have been made prevent people misusing I.C.T and prevent them from doing anything illegal, the data protection act keeps data safe and secure, the copyright act prevents people from making illegal pirate copies of different types of software's etc. the computer misuse act prevent people from committing crimes such as these: * Unauthorised access to computer material. * Unauthorised access to the Internet to commit commission or further offences. * Unauthorised modification of computer material. This act protects the public as the act prevents computer hackers fro committing the crimes listed above. This is how the acts have preventing people misusing I.C.T. My View of Legislation I think this acts are good, and it is good to know your data and details are safe. So therefore I like the legislation law. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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