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leisure centre booking system: analysis

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Analysis Introduction The immaculate Brooke Manor is a health and leisure centre that offers a wide range of facilities that are used by the general public on a regular basis. The facilities are mainly of top quality with a large swimming pool, tennis courts, squash facilities and an extensive gym which houses items such as weights, exercise bikes, running machines and a state of the art, moving climbing wall. Until 1987 the house was owned by one of the most affluent men in the region, Thomas Harley. When he died in the aforementioned year the house was left to his eldest son, Richard Harley. The son found the house too large to live in and it was consequently sold to the present day manager of Brooke Manor. The management has obviously gone to a lot of trouble renovating the complex. This is visible in the current facilities that it already houses. Vast amounts of money have been invested in the leisure centre. Most of the departments are very modern and up to date with computer databases and Internet access. Some of the old features of the complex though have been maintained and kept in their original state. ...read more.


The manager intimated that he didn't want to involve the accounts with this system yet, so it will be unnecessary. The reason he gave for this is that he didn't want to implicate the project with financial worries. If the overall system doesn't work to his satisfaction or is not exactly what he wanted then he could revert back to the old system and not have lost any money. The Current System All members of the beauty salon use the current system, and any advance on this should be compatible with their skills and attainment. Between them they currently handle jobs such as the process of dealing with customers. A meeting was called to ascertain what methods are currently used with the system and to look at any improvements that the staff would like to see. At the moment the methods that are used are: * The use of a single book containing booking times for clients. There is no information that the beauty salon can access on individuals unless they go through the long and drawn out process of going to the main reception and asking for data to be released on the customers. ...read more.


* A virus checker utility programme to check disks and memory for viruses and delete them if detected. Users skill level The users will vary in the competence level of computer literacy. There will be one main user that has finished an ICT skills course and is fairly competent. 1. Have basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system. * This is so that if the machine crashes at any stage the user will know how to act and will be able to re-start the system with minimum, if any, loss of data. * Be able to move around the interface very easily. 2. Have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets and databases, such as Microsoft Excel. 3. Be able to input data accurately and efficiently. * This is so that the system works to its full potential and no mistakes are made in bookings or ordering products. Training programmes It would be useful for the manager to look into the possibility of sending some of his staff on training days, or on short courses. This would enable the eventual users to become competent in whichever system is eventually implemented. A useful contact number to find out about training is: Chesterfield College: 01246 500553 Or email: bdu@chesterfield.ac.uk ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT Tom Devitt - 1 - ...read more.

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