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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 748


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User Manual Guide Thank you for buying the G-system. This system will guarantee to meet your high expectations. Below is the guide that helps you get starter, if there are any further information or help needed you can always contact us on: Tel: 020 7987 6441 FAX: 020 7689 6542 EMAIL: G-systems@hotmail.com ADDRESS: 23 Wigram House Roman Road London E3 0RZ TO GET TO THE LIBRARIAN/USER MANUAL GUIDE YOU NEED: HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Windows 200/XP - Windows 2000/XP is the operating system the database will run on. Microsoft Access - The database was made in Microsoft Access therefore it is needed to use the system Microsoft Word - You may need Microsoft word to write reports or write in details etc. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Hard Drive - The hard drive is where all the records and the database system will be saved onto. ...read more.


Microsoft Excel Use this button to stop the present file Use this button to go to Microsoft Word Use this button to print page EVALUATION OF THE LIBRARY PROJECT The aim of this project was and still is to design an advanced database system that the librarian and the library users could use in the library. To be able to make a system that would benefit everybody I had to identify the needs of everyone first and then try to meet those needs. The new system has many benefits as one being that the librarian can carry out routine administrative tasks. Other benefits for the users are: > Easy to use by the librarian and the public user > Able to search for books > Computerised > Librarian able to produce report > Send reminder letters with mail merge. I designed a questionnaire and carried out an interview with the librarian. ...read more.


3. Send new samples to librarians for evaluation so that future editions of the programme would meet most perfectly with the users needs. Even though the system will benefit most users, it also has some limitations. The limitations are as following 1. The present system can only search for information based on one criterion. This criterion only enables you to search for the book title. 2. The system is based on Microsoft Access Software since this is available to all students within the school and most public libraries, the file name or data could easily be tampered with. 3. In most cases users do not need passwords to access the system and these could make it difficult to trace any hackers or unwanted intruders. 4. The system does not enable you to analyze who uses the library most so that better provision to encourage others. 5. You will not be able to link with internet so that users can reserve books online. - 1 - ...read more.

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