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Logo Evaluation

Free essay example:

The Logo Evaluation

How did you create your logo?

To get a blank screen open I clicked on File, New:


Then I pressed OK. Then I clicked on the gradient tool:


I chose the Bottom To Top option and then chose my colours. These were pale yellow and white. Then I pressed OK. This is what happened:


I then opened a new canvas so I could make the base of the beacon. I clicked on the Text icon at the top, and typed in !. I made it size 400, bold and italic and a light grey colour. This made this screen:


Then I went on Selection, Hide Selection. I then made a selection box which went over the dot on the base of the exclamation mark. I then pressed Delete. This made this shape:


The I clicked onto the shape and pressed Edit, Copy. I then re-opened the background canvas and pressed Edit, Paste. That gave this:


I then drew in a flame using the paint tool to go the outline and then filled it in using the gradient tool again with the paint pot. I then inserted text:


I then realised that the box was too big for the logo so I cropped it. I did this by making a selection box, then pressing Image, Crop:


That was my finished logo!

What hardware did you use?

The hardware specification is:

Stone Computers

1.6Ghz Processor

Pentium 4

256MB Ram

20GB Hard Disk

The computers are on a network so all link together and they allow to print. The hardware is needed to physically create the presentation, without it no presentation would be able to be created.

What software did you use?

I used PhotoFiltre to make my logo. This is a graphics package which is used to distort pictures and make logos and pictures.

Explain why you selected the particular package you chose for this task.

I chose this particular package because it is an excellent package to use if you want to make logos. It has all the right buttons so you can do everything you need to do on it. I also feel comfortable using this package as it is so easy to use.

Explain why you think your logo is suitable for use on wage payslips, letter headings and posters.

This logo still looks good is it has been resized. Also if you print it out in black and white, the writing stands out and you can still see the flame behind it. You cannot see the background colour very well but that does not really matter because it just looks like I just has not background. The background is not the main part of the logo.

How would you do the task in a different way?

I could have just drawn the logo on paper and then photocopied it onto separate sheets. This would be ok but the logo would not look as professional and it would be hard to put it onto work you did using ICT.

What other hardware or software could you have used?

I could have used PaintShoPro or Photoshop to make my logo. They are very similar packages and will do the same job. It is just different buttons in different places.

How well did this task work?

I think the logo is distinctive and memorable. It is also simple, works well and it fits its purpose. I think I could make it better by putting some sort of medical symbol on the logo. I could do this by wrapping the snake around the handle of the beacon, that would improve it.

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