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Logo Report

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Logo Report My first task is to design a bold, creative logo for the airline company Type a Flight. This logo will represent the company and it will be printed on letters, leaflets, tickets, databases and the company's website aswell. Because most of the letters will be printed in black and white, I need to make sure that my logos look good in that format as well as with colour. There are many different types of software available for me to create my logo. They are listed below: 1. Paint: Microsoft paint is a simple graphics painting software but it is not very useful because the quality of pictures isn't good when you change the size or zoom in or out. It also doesn't have any pre-made logo templates. But on the other hand, it is very simple and easy to use and it has all the basic editing tools. ...read more.


I will choose three other logos then analyze and evaluate them to see which one is the best. When I come to a conclusion I will then know what sort of a logo is needed to represent Type A Flight in the best way possible. The three logos, which I have found from other travel agents, are listed below: This logo represents the British based airline; Monarch. This logo uses two complementary colours, which are purple and yellow. The crown image is very clever because it matches the name of airline. The colours are used to great effect on the crown, the middle part of the crown is filled in with a golden yellow and the two sides match the purple font. The crown is in a bold shape of an "M" so that people will notice that it belongs to Monarch Airways. It is extremely simple but also very clever and unique Airline Empires use modern colours and a 3D clip art image in their logo. ...read more.


I would give it 8/10. This logo is closely linked to the name of the company. The man in the image is "typing" on his keyboard and booking his holiday as a "virtual" plane is zooming out from his monitor. This logo is very simple and quite effective. I could have made it more interesting by adding a border or some colour. I like the way the company name fits in on the monitor. I would give it 7/10. This logo is very colourful and is pleasing to the eye. The "@" links in perfectly with computers and the 3 different colours also represent something else. The blue T is the sky, the turquoise @ is the sea and the yellow F is the sand. These colours create a perfect holiday scene. I could have possibly added an image but I do not think it needs any more items added to it. I would give it a 9/10. This is my logo, which will be displayed in the company documentation. 1/4 By Tom Everett 10X ...read more.

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