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M-Commerce and GPS Cell Phones

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M-Commerce and GPS Cell Phones The use of GPS devices in mobile phones can allow for the tracking of both location and time data of specific users. A combination of time and location data can be utilized to create new marketing offers, such as marketing messages dependent of both position and time. If a user is out on a Saturday night about a mile away from their favorite night spot, a subscription to a night life mobile service will send the user a text message notifying them of a special time sensitive promotional offer. Based on information about past visits, the messaging server is able to create a personalized promotional offer based on the user's prior visits to the club. ...read more.


Many debates arise concerning the sharing of this information with various agencies, including both the government and law enforcement. The cell phone provider, or third party companies with business partnerships can possibly share this information without the consent of the consumer. Additionally, many most Americans are oriented strictly to talking on their phones, while users in Japan, Sweden and elsewhere are more accustomed to accessing data and conducting transactions on their mobile devices. According to GartnerG2 research director Mike McGuire, "Not everybody's ready yet." "You'll see people with their m-phone browsers who end up talking to an operator" (Wrolstad � 10). However, many companies, such as Coca Cola, Adidas, and Ford have been utilizing wireless web and short text messages to promote their products. ...read more.


According to Catherine McConville, sales director at SkyGo, a wireless advertising company based in Redwood City, California, the cell phone with a GPS system would allow for endless marketing opportunities. The GPS would know a consumer's location and link the phone to ads from nearby retailers. McConville theorizes that a consumer can walk into a mall and get a message from a nearby store that is conducting a sale, persuading the user to browse items ("The Cell Phone as Marketing Tool" � 14). As the idea of a GPS chip embedded in all cell phones slowly moves closer to a possibility in the United States, issues of privacy concerns and the advantages to consumers and e-commerce marketers remains questionable. However, if marketed and strategized correctly, possibilities for such technology could change the use of cell phones significantly for users across the country. ...read more.

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